Air b&b for motorhomes?

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Hairyfairy01 Sun 15-Oct-17 01:41:17

Probably a daft questions but do people ever rent out their motor homes in the same way they do their houses / rooms for air b&b? I’m looking at renting a motorhome next summer in Scotland and all the big hire companies charge a fortune. Surely loads of people must have them sitting on their driveways and want to make some money? Or does anyone know of any reasonable motorhome hire place in the Aberdeenshire / Perth area?

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mummymeister Sun 15-Oct-17 11:49:56

It would be incredibly difficult for a private owner to rent out their motorhome to you. insurance etc would be a nightmare and this is why you wont see it like you do with accommodation.

why not price up the cost of a motorhome vs your car with a cottage or camping stay per night and see how it compares.

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