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Looking for a cosy Inn or restaurant with rooms for a stopover north of Carlisle, south of Glasgow?

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jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 15:11:03

Any suggestions?

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 16:42:30

Any Scottish mumsnetter's?

weegiemum Sat 07-Oct-17 16:54:26

By the time you're north of Carlisle, most Scottish folk would say just hammer on to Glasgow, its less than 100 miles (I certainly would). The M74 doesn't really stop anywhere much fun, though there are travel lodges at the services.

I live in Glasgow, I'd just try to get home. Where is your eventual destination? Where are you travelling from?

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 17:03:56

How cosy do you want? There's Dumfries arms in Cumnock which is lovely!

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 17:05:38

And if you go the 'scenic' route it is on way from Carlisle to Glasgow.

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 17:33:46

We're travelling from Derbyshire to Lochinver but can't leave until about 3.30pm on the Friday so wanted to stop somewhere for a relaxing meal. On previous visits we've been to The Lodge on Loch Lomond, The Inn at Kippen and East Haugh House near Pitlochry (all lovely, but we had to sacrifice our first night at the destination cottage). For this visit I'd like to break the 10hr journey after about 4 hrs so we have time for a relaxing meal and good night's sleep before we head up through the Highlands.

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 17:34:37

Just off to check availability at the Dumfries arms x

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 17:37:51

Shakeyourcaboose, that's lovely, just the sort of place I wanted but unfortunately it's fully booked sad

NikiBabe Sat 07-Oct-17 17:38:23

Gretna Green is lovely. Not stayed there but bound to be lots of places to stay because it is still a major wedding venue.

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 17:57:56

Ayrshire/glasgow too far up for you as you're only going up to Dumfries and Galloway, ill get recommendations...

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 17:58:53

Sorry just saw its the Highlands you're going to!

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 18:03:05

There's the Stair Inn which is also lovely ( and at times frequented by Rod Stewart!)

Aloneinacrowd70 Sat 07-Oct-17 18:03:34

This place is lovely (not sure if a bit of a detour):

Timeandtune Sat 07-Oct-17 18:14:27

Dumfries House, near Cumnock has lovely rooms . It isn't a pub though

Theyhaveallbeenused2 Sat 07-Oct-17 18:32:51

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 18:41:05

Dumfries House is fab- has great playparks and walks to burn off energy from the journey!

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 20:44:45

The new Lanark hotel is fully booked. I do like the Stair in but it's quite a long detour to get there sad

shakeyourcaboose Sat 07-Oct-17 20:48:44

What road are you taking?

jenthehen Sat 07-Oct-17 22:10:00

The M74 straight up to Glasgow

shakeyourcaboose Sun 08-Oct-17 10:16:19

Have you had a look around the Strathaven area? There's a country hall hotel there.

jenthehen Sun 08-Oct-17 10:43:03

I haven't yet but I will do. Thanks so much "shake" you're so helpful 😊

realhousewife44 Mon 09-Oct-17 00:44:38

I would look at Gretna Green. Really easy to get on and off the motorway.

jenthehen Mon 09-Oct-17 10:49:20

Thanks real housewife, that looks great. I know my husband had wanted to press on a bit further but I think it's a bit unrealistic given the limited accommodation so your suggestion could fit the bill well (plus the idea of a lovely long soak in a bath before dinner sounds quite appealing rather than a last minute dash for dinner).I'll see what he thinks x

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