Please help - not a clue where to go in October!

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Honeybee79 Mon 11-Sep-17 20:34:14

Inspiration and recommendations very much needed here! DH is always very reluctant to go anywhere, so the ball is left in my court to sort something out if I want us to go away. DH is a teacher but in a private school, so the second week of his half term does not coincide with the local (London) state school half term. We have two DC and my parents have very very kindly offered to look after them for a few nights in DH's second half term week so that DH and I can go away somewhere. This will be the first time we have gone away together at all without kids for about 2.5 years so too good an opportunity to miss!

Where shall we go? We live in London and don't want a massive drive and aren't exactly drowning in cash, so a nice friendly B & B or something would be more up our street than a 5* hotel. We like nice walks and aren't bothered by crap weather, and would prefer to stay in the UK as this is the first time I have left DD since she was born. We could go mid-week to keep costs down.

Please help!

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TroysMammy Mon 11-Sep-17 20:36:42

Isle of Wight. Me and DP went end of September last year and loved it. Easy to drive around and plenty to see. We stayed in Shanklin.

TroysMammy Mon 11-Sep-17 20:38:01

Either that or come down here to the Gower. Loads of places to walk and crap weather.

Oh2beatsea Sun 17-Sep-17 10:06:42

Southwold in Suffolk is lovely. Maybe look at renting a cottage with So Southwold or Acanthus. There are plenty of nice pubs and restaurants in the town and just outside. Nice walks too.

BlueChampagne Wed 20-Sep-17 13:40:29


mummymeister Wed 20-Sep-17 15:14:55

Bath really is a lovely place to walk around. afternoon tea in the pump house, lots of individual shops etc.

flissfloss65 Wed 20-Sep-17 15:17:47

Peak District is gorgeous. Lovely villages and walks.

Serin Sat 23-Sep-17 20:11:05

Head of the river pub.

Dowser Sat 30-Sep-17 19:31:01

Yes, can second Bath
Lovely and can recommend a lovely hotel just outside of it as bath is very expensive.

MillicentFawcett Sat 30-Sep-17 19:50:46

Cheltenham. Lots of nice things to do and stunning walking

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