Norfolk or Suffolk?

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SuffolkBumkin Thu 24-Aug-17 15:14:50

Suffolk! grin

TealStar Thu 24-Aug-17 15:14:10

Food even

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TealStar Thu 24-Aug-17 15:13:47

Thanks guys. All good for thought.

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123rd Thu 24-Aug-17 14:14:29

Suffolk has lovely coastal towns but I prefer the north Norfolk coastline / beaches
I guess it's what you prefer

turtlecreek Thu 24-Aug-17 10:54:22

Covehithe, Walberswick, Thorpeness and Aldeburgh are my favourites. I prefer Suffolk to Norfolk by a long stretch.

TealStar Thu 24-Aug-17 10:51:00

Thank you Alltouchedout. Love seals 😍

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alltouchedout Thu 24-Aug-17 10:17:24

I'm on holiday in Kessingland atm. It's lovely. The beach just here is pebble but sandy ones are within walking distance and we've had great weather all week. We got v excited yesterday spotting a seal in the sea smile


TealStar Thu 24-Aug-17 10:14:25

Just that really... I want to explore East Anglia, having never been. I like the idea of Norfolk beaches but also the more chi chi areas of Suffolk such as Aldeburgh and Southwold. Have found a promising place to stay near Cromer so a fair way from Suffolk coast but doable in a day from there... just trying to decide whether to keep looking for somewhere further south. Any thoughts appreciated!

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