Which day is Center Parcs' pool quietest?

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Reastie Thu 17-Aug-17 07:55:17

We have a day pass (we had a problem with our break there and by means of compensation they have given us a free day in CP) to use. We're holidaying near a CP the week of August bank holiday and need to give them a weeks notice of when we want to go to use to day pass so I need to work out which day would be best. The only restriction is we aren't allowed to go on bank holiday Monday (CP terms and conditions) and we can't go on a Saturday as we will be travelling to/from holiday.

The main reason for going is the pool as any other activities we can't book until the day we arrive, so what we would choose may well be booked up.

So, which day of the week is the pool most likely to be quiet? I'm wondering about Friday as it's changeover day, but then it could be more busy as many of the people going that day will stay on to use it and new people will arrive early to swim. Maybe I'm overthinking it... we've only been once to CP so any expert advice would be great.

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tailsandscales Sat 19-Aug-17 07:35:13

I've been 3 times to centre parcs so think I've probably been to the pool everyday of the week. I can't say I've noticed much difference day to day - it's always packed during the day. Evenings are much quieter.

Reastie Sat 19-Aug-17 19:56:54

Thank you, that's very useful. Maybe we should just pick at random and hope then.

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