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thewookieswife Thu 10-Aug-17 09:38:35

Some times I've had my details taken at booking and the card has been charged and money taken from my account as I leave - ie charged twice ! Always alway always keep an eye on companies who take your card details !!! Had this with multiple hotel groups !!! Seems to be 'standard practice'. CF's as not everyone picks up on it !!

Nancy91 Thu 10-Aug-17 08:55:35

They are just taking your card details in case you don't show up so they can still charge you, when you get there you can pre pay if you don't plan on ordering anything to your room or eating out of the fridge etc. The one in Milton Keynes gives you free freshly baked cookies when you get there. I know that's not what you asked, but it's always relevant info to me grin

itsmehello Thu 10-Aug-17 08:52:39

Hi, best to give them a quick call and ask for a reservation number.
You should be able to pay now too.

user1471539466 Wed 09-Aug-17 21:20:48

I am wondering if anyone could help me with the following query. My husband and I booked a Doubletree Hilton hotel in London as a treat for ourselves in January, but I am unsure as to whether I actually paid for it or not? They took my long card number and expiry date with no other information, and it mentioned paying for the hotel on arrival. What happens if I want to pay for it now? Is that option possible? Does anyone else have first hand experience?

Thank you!

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