Beaches/holidays near Taunton

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skinnyamericano Sat 29-Jul-17 14:14:49

We have to be based near Taunton for a week in August (last minute arrangements 😫), as in driving there daily.

Does anyone have any recommendations for coastal resorts either north or south of Taunton please? Preferably within around a 45 minute drive.

Thanks in advance!

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Christabelpankhurst Thu 03-Aug-17 15:12:09

Weston has your traditional bucket and space, and the pier is great fun, Brean has long sands, and Brean Splash and Play are good in wet weather with small children. Dunster beach is about 50 mins north and has shells, Dunster Village and Castle are well worth a visit. Minehead is a bit further away (1hr) generally busy through the summer with Butlins being there. South Coast is Sidmouth (traditional seaside town, beach by Jacob's ladder is sand, the rest is pebbles), Lyme Regis - lovely place, parking can be fun in the holidays. Both these take just under an hour. Exmouth is about 50 mins down the M5 with beautiful beaches and boats doing estuary tours.

skinnyamericano Fri 04-Aug-17 09:16:43

Thanks so much * christabel* - that's really helpful.

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