UK hiking with 18 month old?!

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QueenRefusenik Thu 13-Jul-17 10:32:06

Am I crazy to even consider going hiking with an 18 month old? And if not, where would anyone suggest? I was supposed to be going to Pembrokeshire next week, staying with friends, and was hoping to fit in a couple of short walks there to assess how viable hiking might be with ds, but have been stood up at the last minute, gah. I don't want to spend the week knocking around at home so am looking for alternatives! Camping or cheapo accommodation needed, and ideally not too stupid far to drive from the S coast of England - I was thinking maybe Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia at a push. Somewhere with plenty of short scenic walks easily accessible, ideally near mountains even if we don't get up them! Any ideas?

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ThomasRichard Thu 13-Jul-17 10:38:36

No you're not crazy. At that age I popped mine in a sling and took them everywhere. This campsite in Snowdonia is lovely and going kayaking on the lake rocked toddler DD to sleep smile

QueenRefusenik Thu 13-Jul-17 11:11:21

That's reassuring to hear! DS does like his sling so that will help. Thanks for the campsite recommendation, and ANYTHING that might help ds go to sleep is welcome! Once he's out he's out but getting there can be a painful process... Any useful hints or tips? Any nice hikes you (or anyone else!) can recommend? I'm fully expecting to not 'get' anywhere very fast at this stage would I would like to get out into the 'wilderness' a bit!

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ThomasRichard Thu 13-Jul-17 11:59:13

I wouldn't expect to do a full hike up Snowdon, although I have seen people doing it. You could take the PYG or Miners track up to the higher lake in the Snowdon horseshoe, which is lovely. You could also walk from Beddgelert to the copper mine.

QueenRefusenik Thu 13-Jul-17 14:13:35

Never done the PYG so that would be nice, and the miner's track is lovely right up till that final killer scramble up to the top - but since ds and I are unlikely to make it anywhere near that far that won't be a problem! I remember the Rhydd Ddu track also being quite gentle with some nice open spaces for a toddler to rampage on. Never done the Beddgelert one, so adding to my list. I guess the advantage of Snowdon is that we can always get the train up if I'm determined to get to the summit with ds! Thanks!

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