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Looking for London hotel for 3 adults and 2 children in one room....

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BaconAndAvocado Sat 01-Jul-17 22:32:34

Is this even possible?

Earlybird Sat 01-Jul-17 22:33:35

What is your budget?

BaconAndAvocado Sat 01-Jul-17 22:36:35

Up to £200 ish.

ijustwannadance Sat 01-Jul-17 22:40:55

You might be better with a serviced apartment. Not sure about London but in our area that are the around the same price as a hotel.

FeckinCrutches Sat 01-Jul-17 22:41:48

We normally stay in the travelodge with 2 adults and 3 kids

plantsitter Sat 01-Jul-17 22:42:49

I would look for an Air BnB.

FeckinCrutches Sat 01-Jul-17 22:44:11

Oh actually, how old are the children?

FeckinCrutches Sat 01-Jul-17 22:44:40

£200 for the night?

FeckinCrutches Sat 01-Jul-17 22:47:29

You can get two rooms in the travel lodge for £120/150 if you're prepared to travel in from Clapham etc.

Potcallingkettle Sat 01-Jul-17 22:51:26

Meininger hotel is a cross between a hostel and a hotel. Right by the Natural History Museum. Various size rooms. Highly recommended.

erinaceus Sat 01-Jul-17 22:52:13

I would say AirBnB.

orenisthenewblack Sat 01-Jul-17 22:53:35

Why not two rooms? You might sleep better.

ButtonMooooon Sat 01-Jul-17 22:54:30

I would say you'd only get adjoining rooms

DropZoneOne Sat 01-Jul-17 22:58:39

I'd look for a serviced apartment too - not sure where you need to be but you could try Fraser Suites in Kensington or Dolphin House in Pimlico.

VimFuego101 Sat 01-Jul-17 22:59:26

A room at a youth hostel?

OldGuard Sun 02-Jul-17 06:54:23

Last week we stayed in a family room at the Premier Inn which was one block (2 min walk) to Victoria Station - it was awesome and cost 106 pounds
I'll see if I can find link

OldGuard Sun 02-Jul-17 06:56:59

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Sun 02-Jul-17 07:19:05 let's you search for rooms for 5. There are lots in London.

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