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Looking for somewhere that allows campfires

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Itsanothernamechange Sun 25-Jun-17 21:48:13

Basically me dp and ds1 are looking for somewhere in the Peak District area to either camp, glamp or hire a lodge where we can have a proper fire. Preferably also some fishing to keep dp happy. Everywhere seems to only do firepits. Can any clever mnetters help us out. Thanks

mummymeister Mon 26-Jun-17 11:01:40

Anywhere that lets to the public has to have a fire risk assessment. that will determine in general that fire pits are the safer option so I would say its going to be nearly impossible to find what you want for this reason. when you see the huge amount of damage a fire does to grassland and gorse particularly when it is as dry as it has been recently you can understand why these rules are in place.

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