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Twixmas break - Bedruthan Steps? Is Dd (10) too old?

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Nearlyadoctor Sun 21-May-17 19:56:42

We're looking at taking a break between Christmas and New year and have been looking at Bedruthan steps Hotel in Cornwall. We want somewhere with food included, a pool, and some Christmassy activities/ feel. It has to be between Christmas and New Year due to DH and my work commitments. I just wondered if anyone had been at this time of year and would it be too babyish for Dd.

Or is there anywhere else - preferably in the southwest you'd recommend? ( Would love to do Bovey Castle but ££££. )

Rufus27 Sun 21-May-17 20:06:40

10 is definitely not too old - a number of my friends with similarly aged children (and older) go there for breaks. Bovey is lovely, but a lot of the children's activities are outdoors, so not ideal for December. It still 'feels' more adult oriented than BS (IMO). Finlake is becoming increasingly popular with locals - aims to be a bit Centre Parks, but smaller scale and cheaper.

Alternatively you could go somewhere with a little less on site, but lots nearby:

If it were me, I'd aim to stay somewhere like Exeter so there are lots of bad-weather options, yet still with the moor and coast only 15 minutes away.

Nearlyadoctor Sun 21-May-17 20:24:12

Thanks Rufus27, we actually live fairly close to Exeter, so are looking for somewhere within a 2 hour drive where we can base ourselves for the 3 days to read, swim , perhaps a stroll to the beach etc with good food and nice Christmas theming. That's why I wondered if we're not out and about would the activities at BS be more aimed at tinies, as most of the recommendations I've seen on here seem to be people with toddlers.

Rufus27 Sun 21-May-17 22:39:15

Funnily enough, we are in a similar position. I posted about BS only this week!

Rufus27 Sun 21-May-17 22:41:51

As an alternative, a friend of mine from Exeter has just booked a festive break for their family in Cardiff (St Davids Spa).

2014newme Wed 24-May-17 22:39:23

Watergate Bay hotel is also good for kids and in my opinion is nicer than bedruthan. They are 2 mins from eachother

2014newme Wed 24-May-17 22:40:09

Saunton sands also good
Calcot Manor

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Wed 24-May-17 23:03:39

Another vote for Watergate Bay, it's wonderful

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