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Midlands...things to do near Twycross Zoo??

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sapphirestar Thu 11-May-17 19:48:49

Hello all
My daughter and i are going to Twycross Zoo as we got a deal for entry/hotel. We have 3 days in the area in half term, most of one day will probably be spent at the zoo but I was hoping for some recommendations for things to do the other days. We are staying just a few miles from the zoo, and happy to travel up to an hour or so. Had a look on trip advisor but there was almost too much choice to know what was really worth a visit! We are English Heritage members if there are any must-see properties in the area.
Any suggestions gratefully received xx

BackforGood Fri 12-May-17 00:49:12

How old is she?

The National Memorial Arboretum is really interesting - £3 to park but free to get in - FAR more interesting if you buy a guide though. All sorts of fascinating stories, or there is a land train with a commentary that tells you a lot (about a fiver for adults - whic, as free to go in, is not a lot)

Conkers is an outdoor high/low wire place that my dc enjoyed

There's Tamworth Castle

Snowdome is really good - not cheap though

Ash End Farm is lovely for little ones

National SPace Centre in Leicester is great for KS2 kind of age range

Would you want to go into Birmingham ?

Is really going to depend on how old she is and what kind of things you like grin

Haudyerwheesht Fri 12-May-17 02:44:30

National space centre in Leicester is good for 4-10 I'd say.

Cadbury world

Stratford upon Avon is nice for a walk around and the MAD museum is tiny but fun. Great ice cream parlour round the corner too and down by the river is lovely. Lots of touristy places as you can imagine.

metalmum15 Sat 13-May-17 14:44:41

I'd second places like Conkers, Cadbury World, Ash End Farm for little ones. What about Sea Life centre if you don't mind going into Birmingham? Tamworth Castle is good and has a big play park right nearby. Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood is fantastic for kids, also Calke Abbey and Shugborough Hall. You should be able to get to all of those in less than an hour.

metalmum15 Sat 13-May-17 14:44:43

I'd second places like Conkers, Cadbury World, Ash End Farm for little ones. What about Sea Life centre if you don't mind going into Birmingham? Tamworth Castle is good and has a big play park right nearby. Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood is fantastic for kids, also Calke Abbey and Shugborough Hall. You should be able to get to all of those in less than an hour.

sapphirestar Sat 13-May-17 17:59:27

Thanks for the suggestions, sorry, should have said, she is 8. Really good at museums and wandering about etc, she's interested in history. Had wondered about cadbury world but wasn't sure how close it was, sounds like it's an option though. We went to Stratford last year and did all the Shakespeare houses which we enjoyed. Will have a good look at all your ideas with her tonight x

HippyChickMama Sat 13-May-17 18:01:28

Kenilworth castle is EH and isn't too far from Twycross

igglu Sat 13-May-17 18:06:30

Monkey forest and Trentham gardens are good for a day out.

OdinsLoveChild Sat 13-May-17 18:19:28

Bosworth battlefield is nearby, Tamworth Castle is another one. Maybe Belvoir Castle but you need to check the opening dates because its privately owned.
The National arboretum is ok but can be boring for young children.

sapphirestar Sat 13-May-17 20:39:17

So, so far we've got cadbury world and Kenilworth castle as favourites on the list. With cadbury world not being cheap it'll be good to get into Kenilworth free. Need to get these marked on a map so I can see which are near together, most are couple of hours/half day jobs so should be able to cram in a couple of things each day. Is cadbury world a nightmare to get to? Wondering if it'd be possible to travel straight there from north Yorkshire, then onto Kenilworth, then onto hotel near twycross all in one day, or if I'd just be wearing us out on day one! Zoo, I'm thinking day 2 as we'd probably spend most of the day there. Loving all the suggestions, thank you x

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 13-May-17 20:42:54

Bosworth Water Trust is next to the battlefield and is a nice place for a picnic and pedalo type activity.

TheMogget Sat 13-May-17 20:51:33

We went to Tropical Birdland recently, its about 15 minutes from Twycross and we really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting birds and some of them come and sit on you (without encouragement in my case) and you can feed them.
A real find.

AmethystRaven Sat 13-May-17 20:54:23

If she likes history, the Richard III visitor centre in Leicester is interesting if you find yourself over that way. They have put perspex over where they excavated the car park and you can walk over where he was buried. The cathedral with the tomb is next door, you can just wander in for a look as long as there are no services.

MadisonAvenue Sat 13-May-17 20:55:16

It'd depend what time you arrived at Cadbury World (we've been a few times over the years with our son's and it's not that brilliant imo), it's to the south of the city . It doesn't take that long to see it all though, two hours at the most.

One place I always recommend to visitors to the area is the Black Country Living Museum.

We've always enjoyed Tamworth Castle and from what I remember it's not overly expensive.

Almostthere15 Sat 13-May-17 21:01:38

I wouldn't bother with cadbury world personally. Its interesting but quite dated now and very expensive. Perhaps travel down to Kenilworth and do the castle (which is great and you can take a picnic) then to the hotel. The zoo will take up most of the day (take a swimming costume/spare clothes for the water playground). If you are travelling back that way then bolsover castle is English heritage and absolutely fantastic. If you're staying longer than one night I'd recommend a day in coventry to see the cathedral and herbert art gallery (or combine that with kenilworth day). If you go to coventry try the rising cafe at the cathedral for afternoon tea (you have to book but it's worth it).

Have a great time

PolarBearGoingSomewhere Sat 13-May-17 21:02:31

We live not far from Twycross and would recommend Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood. It's National Trust not English Heritage though.

Conkers often has tickets on Groupon but I would say pricey for what it is imo.

Leicester itself is good, the New Walk museum has mummies and it's free. King Richard III connection already mentioned.

Space Centre also good value for money and she is the perfect age for it.

metalmum15 Sat 13-May-17 21:29:44

Sudbury Hall is one of my favourite places. They always have extra activities for kids over half term too. Yes, I'd forgotten about the water bit at Twycross! You can walk through the lemur enclosure now too, last year we got close enough to touch them! They're so friendly! There's so much to do there, it really is a full day out.

sapphirestar Sun 14-May-17 20:41:01

This is fab, that is so much! I'm fancying a day in Leicester i have to admit, remember watching them dig up the car park on the news and was fascinated by it. Trying to keep costs down as much as possible so will have to decide if cadbury world will be worth the admission price. Thanks for the tip about the water playground at the zoo, i didn't know about that and so would have gone unprepared! Knew this was the place to ask! x

Dancingelkhound Tue 30-May-17 03:26:36

Check for 2 for 1 vouchers for Cadburys world with national rail to reduce the cost somewhat.

I'd second Black Country living museum. It's great!

Only1scoop Tue 30-May-17 03:40:03

Kenilworth quite a way from Twycross and Tamworth Castle much nearer. Market Bosworth and Kingsbury water park near if weather nice. Calke Abbey within half an hour too.
I always find Cadbury world a bloody nitemare to get to. Really expensive if no offers on.

elizabethleicester Tue 30-May-17 05:28:18

The Black Country museum is excellent, we went when we visited family in the area.

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