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Buying a static - privately

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Stressedseller Mon 08-May-17 12:59:44

We're hoping to buy a static caravan - we've been to see the site, really like the facilities etc and put a deposit down on a new caravan. Then out of the blue we found out that an old family friend of MIL is selling one privately on the same site - for about 1/2 the cost of a new one. The site are being ok about it and said its up to us which we go for, but have pointed out that its not just the cost of the van. If we buy privately, we will also need to pay the site fees for the year (the sellers cannot transfer to us), and gas and electricity test and siting and connection fees (despite it already being connected and presumably tested) and so all in they say that will be 10k. Does anyone know if this is normal when buying a caravan privately?

Also the site fees they would charge us a full year, the fees are over 5k, but we're buying part way through the year so only get 6 months use for that. Again is this usual on a caravan site?

sleepyhead Mon 08-May-17 13:01:56

Check they don't have rules about how often you have to upgrade your van.

I've got friends who almost got stung by that. Were about to buy a secondhand static and then found out that the site didn't allow caravans more than 10 years old so they'd only have got 3 years out of it or had to move it.

Chattymummyhere Mon 08-May-17 17:56:14

The rules on the fees etc are quite a normal thing for sites to do.

To be honest before buying I would be spending a lot of time on site. We had a static we lasted 2 years before it was dull going to the same place over and over again. Repairs not carried out right etc

mummymeister Tue 09-May-17 10:21:00

Unless you really do visit this place more than 10 times a year, just don't do it. all sites have rules on things like the age of the van and they can put fees up when they like and bring in new restrictions when they want. the only people who really get their monies worth are retired elderly people who go down to their van every weekend and the kids use it in the holidays.

there will all sorts of sublet rules as well. £10K equals 20 holidays at £500 a time.

also, the site could change ownership and what is now a very nice place with a shop and a pool and entertainment could rapidly go down hill and become horrible.

use the money to buy a really good touring van instead. then you have the flexibility to visit lots of different places.

Riderontheswarm Tue 09-May-17 19:53:56

Do you mean 10k for everything, the caravan and site fees for 2017? If so then as long as the caravan is not really old and is in good Nick that sounds good value to me. How much are site fees and how old is the caravan?

Stressedseller Wed 10-May-17 12:29:32

Thanks for everyone's replies. Much to think on!
Rider - no it's not 10k for everything (I wish lol). the second hand one is about 25 as a private sale to the owners of caravan the 10k is on top then to be paid to the site owners.

The plan would be for us to use the caravan a couple of times a month and then during school holidays for us and grandparents to take kids so I think we'd get the use out of it.

It is expensive though! But it's an investment in family time...

Stressedseller Wed 10-May-17 12:32:58

Oh the caravan is 2013 so 4 years old. They don't have a rule about how old as such but they inspect vans yearly after 10 years - presumably with the right to condemn if they think it's not up to standard.

No1HolidayPlanner Wed 10-May-17 14:57:12

I think I would prefer to spend the 35k on all sorts of holidays in different places.. good luck with whatever you decide.😊

Chattymummyhere Wed 10-May-17 17:10:21

The question is why is someone selling a caravan that's only 4years old? Normally because they are fed up of the owners of the site and constantly feeling ripped off.

Everyone who buys starts off with great ideas of every weekend and school holidays. However the children get bored, you run out of places to visit there and it become a same shit different smaller place.

I still love caravan holidays I wouldn't buy one again though.

mummymeister Thu 11-May-17 09:27:21

stressed - caravan site ownerships usually change hands at least once in 10 years. whilst the set up at the moment might be one thing, it could very easily be something different next year.

most sites have a 10 year rule. most also have a minimum specification. so whilst its £35K now in 6 years time it will be the price of a new van again.

Its not an investment in family time. Its an investment in a temporary structure on a leasehold basis where the leases can and will change.

you really will not get as much use out of it as you think. £35,000 is at least 7 years worth of good holidays somewhere different. 14 if you do it on a budget.

rainbowthunder Sat 13-May-17 15:31:33

Maybe see if there are any alternative sites where they don't rip you off so much. They are not content with charging a fortune when you buy and charging you high site fees, they want to cash in when you sell! I know most do it but there may be independant sites where things are a bit fairer.
We own an older caravan in France - we bought it from the previous owners and all we had to do was inform the site and sign the annual contract. There's no age limit as long as it's kept in good condition.

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