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Hotel or self-catering for UK break?

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AmmoniaAvenue Sun 07-May-17 19:57:32

I've decided to take the plunge and arrange a holiday this year - it's actually ten years since we last went on holiday (for a variety of reasons). We used to go camping every year, but I want something a bit more comfortable in my older age.

Money isn't really an object - we are going for a week, and there's only DH, me and the dog. We're looking at Devon or Cornwall in early July.

I really like the thought of zero housework and cooking associated with staying in a hotel, but if the weather's lousy I feel we might be better off in a static caravan on a (quiet) holiday park, as you can't really hang round indoors in the same way in a hotel room. Not at all bothered by having luxury surroundings, cheap and basic would be fine.

I've left it a bit late to book anyway, so I need to get on with it but can't decide what to go for. The self-catering option isn't even that much cheaper, because most of them sleep 4 so we are paying for accommodation we don't need.

I wondered if anyone might have any perspectives on this I hadn't considered?

Doilooklikeatourist Sun 07-May-17 20:10:45

Personally. I can't think of anything worse than a static caravan
Have a look at airbnb , we stayed in a lovely apartment in Norwich , which made me not want to stay in a hotel , ever again
But a nice holiday apartment ? There must be loads in Devon / Cornwall

NapQueen Sun 07-May-17 20:12:14

I like self catering in uk cottages. Take nice stuff for breafasts or have a brunch fry up, then dinner at any of the local pubs or restaurants.

AmmoniaAvenue Sun 07-May-17 20:34:52

I've never actually stayed in a static caravan before - I was seeing it mainly as a base and hoping we could be out and about most of the time, as in our camping days- so I will check out apartment options, I'm just conscious that having the dog will limit us as luxury accommodation and dogs don't go together very well!

mummymeister Tue 09-May-17 10:25:24

when we stay in cornwall we stay HERE They are dog friendly and have an in your cottage meals service. Its also 4 star so not top end luxury but not bucket either. personally I would always go with a cottage rather than a caravan as they just feel too cramped for us and a noisy busy site is no fun at all.

metalmum15 Sat 13-May-17 14:54:17

There are some lovely quiet holiday parks in Devon that have wooden lodges, much nicer than a caravan to be honest. Lots of them have big private verandas too. Holiday parks usually have extras like swimming pools, pub/restaurant on site and beach within walking distance.

Iamastonished Fri 19-May-17 20:59:09

We much prefer booking a holiday cottage. We did stay in a caravan once, and decided that we really don't care for caravan parks. We find self catering far more flexible than a hotel. But that is because we have a teenager who doesn't like getting up in the morning for breakfast.

5foot5 Fri 09-Jun-17 00:14:47

Have you thought of the Scillies?

This place is a hotel but has garden rooms where you can be a bit independent and they are dog friendly.

Mind you the Isles of Scilly are small and get booked up very early...

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