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Looking for riverside self-catering home for kayaking

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BorisJohnsonsHair Mon 01-May-17 15:51:58

Hi, DH and I have recently started kayking and would like to have a holiday in a cottage (or similar) with 3 bedrooms and is right beside a river. We live in East Anglia, so don't really want anything in that area (although the Broads are a fantastic place for a holiday smile).

I'm thinking maybe Worcestershire/Wiltshire/Gloucestershire or possibly Yorkshire. Open to suggestions. Don't fancy Scotland (we've done the midgefest that is August before).

I've exhausted HolidayLettings and HomeAway, so looking for some more localised websites or recommendations if possible. Thanks.

BackforGood Mon 01-May-17 22:54:38

What about Symonds Yat ?
YHA Wye Valley and Welsh Bicknor YH are both on the banks of the river, I think, from memory - certainly worth checking out. Most Youth hostels do family rroms now, and / or camping to sleep with use of facilities (kitchen, lounge, showers, etc).

annandale Mon 01-May-17 23:23:32

Cotswold lakes, something like this?

snapperstickers68 Mon 12-Feb-18 21:50:36

This site has plenty of local knowledge on all things kayaking and canoeing in the UK, with lots of video blogs too.

snapperstickers68 Mon 12-Feb-18 21:51:07

Oh it's a zombie thread ! Oopsie ! grin

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