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daydream86 Sat 22-Apr-17 19:34:06

first ever thread- long time lurker! we're getting married next easter and are looking to go on a 4 night mon-fri honeymoon in the U.K. in early April. we've had fancy longhaul holidays in the past but by the time we get married our DD will
be 18 months, we'd like to leave her with her grandparents for a few days while we honeymoon. So far we're
liking the look of some of the more adult friendly hoseasons parks in cornwall/devon but have never been to the area, so we're looking for recommendations on places. before baby came along i suppose you could could say we're a bit foodie/craft ale and a bit boozy early 30s types.
wish list is:
beach/sea views

lodge style luxury accommodation with hot tub

not too remote- not too far from a town with nice foodie restaurants/bars and a bit of nightlife

but we're also a bit into our nature - we'd love the eden project, rspb,
whale watching etc.

so please, give me your recommendations! thanks x

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millymae Mon 01-May-17 15:08:33

Have a look at the Scarlet Hotel. Probably not Hoseasons prices but definitely somewhere I would like to go. It sounds perfect for a mini moon

daydream86 Mon 01-May-17 18:08:40

thanks millymae, we've actually ended up booking their sister hotel in the same village, Bedruthan hotel and spa x

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thewalrus Wed 03-May-17 16:55:14

Bedruthan is lovely, enjoy!

2014newme Wed 10-May-17 13:09:49

Bedruthan is full of kids so if you aren't taking yours I would definitely switch to the scarlet which is much more of a sophisticated grown up honeymoon type atmosphere. The opposite of bedruthan which I find a bit holiday Inn.
Ask for a sea view rather than car park view if staying at the Bedruthan.

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