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user1491600586 Mon 10-Apr-17 21:59:49


This message (or a similar one) may appear twice as I am new to Mumsnet and this is my first (or maybe second lol) post.

I have joined after researching Butlins Minehead and found that you all seem so helpful and forthcoming with advice.

We are a family of four and have never been to Butlins before. My husband has always been completely against the idea but after a lot of nagging on my behalf we have booked for this year.

Admittedly we are both now excited.... more for our little ones than anything else as they onsite facilties and entertainment look fantastic. However, I am very nervous about the accommodation.

We have booked a silver bungalow as we will be self catering but I am struggling to find any online reviews about these as most seem to be about the new Lake Village which, sadly is out of budget.

Has anyone out there be to Butlins Minehead before and stayed in a silver bungalow? If so I would love to hear from you as if we've chosen badly I'd rather try and rectify things before hand as I really want us all to enjoy.

Thank you for listening/reading and I am a waffler so apologies for the looooong post.


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