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Camping with young kids - yes or no??

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beetrootsalad Sat 08-Apr-17 18:20:17

We have two DCs, one 4, the other 9 months. We've just remembered our huge tent from festival days and wondered we should try and use it this summer. Am I crazy? Is this a terrible idea with the littlest so young or could it be ok??

HumphreyCobblers Sat 08-Apr-17 18:25:43

I think that is a good age to try it, your oldest is likely to stick close to you if told to and your youngest won't get far without your noticing.

Can you tell I had boaters? I didn't go to places without walls for about five years.

PotteringAlong Sat 08-Apr-17 18:26:50

Hell yes! Camping with tinies is great grin

HumphreyCobblers Sat 08-Apr-17 18:27:34

BOLTERS! not boaters bfs

beetrootsalad Sat 08-Apr-17 18:48:33

Haha I wondered what they were!!

mummymeister Sun 09-Apr-17 12:40:20

I am not a fan of camping so my concerns are that it is fine if the weather is good and you are all outside doing stuff. but if its hammering with rain it can be pretty miserable and hard to keep your spirits up. I guess at this age they are both going to bed pretty early so would want to think about what to do in the evening if its raining and I am stuck inside.

my best advice is do a 2 night break somewhere first to see how you get on rather than leaping in to a full couple of weeks away.

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