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Nice coastal family hotels

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Ginnotgym Sun 12-Mar-17 11:08:38

Not sure if this even exists, but looking for a 'naice' family-friendly UK coastal hotel for my husband and I to take our 3 year old DD and my (disabled) DM to for a couple of nights in August.

Ideally somewhere where the rooms have private balconies/terraces so that we can sit out and drink drink gin read our books and chat after DD is in bed.

We have a foreign family holiday booked for earlier in the year (just the three of us) but would love to get my mum away for a couple of days.

We live in Oxfordshire but happy to drive a couple of hours or so.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance xx

Ps mum isn't always wheelchair-bound but isn't very mobile

awishes Sun 12-Mar-17 11:13:50

Imperial in Torquay or Saunton Sands in Devon
Both nice hotels with beautiful views but you would need to book sea view rooms at both otherwise the rooms can be dire!

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