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A day out along the coast - pretty places, not too far from the North West.

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Cheeseandbeansontoast Thu 09-Mar-17 16:32:45

So we have a couple of days off work next week and plan to drive along the coast on one of those days, somewhere we can go for a long walk along the coastline, somewhere pretty.

We don't want to go too far from the North West where we live, maybe up to 2 hours journey maximum.
Any ideas welcome, thank

LittleMissUpset Thu 09-Mar-17 16:37:50

Llandudno in north Wales is beautiful and it takes us 2 hours from West Yorkshire so shouldn't take too long from the North west?

Cheeseandbeansontoast Thu 09-Mar-17 16:45:14

Thanks Little, been to Llandudno a couple of times, dropping off the in laws, and loved the long walk there along the coast.
Somewhere maybe similar to Llandudno would be good.

PotteringAlong Thu 09-Mar-17 16:46:49

Morcambe bay?

FlipperSkipper Thu 09-Mar-17 16:49:46

Crosby or Formby, or north wales coastline.

Cheeseandbeansontoast Thu 09-Mar-17 16:53:51

Thinking the North West coastline is the best option, Morecambe Bay a good idea, and Formby to look at, thanks xxx

bobbinogs Thu 09-Mar-17 16:58:56

Silverdale and Arnside, near Morecambe, gorgeous coastline, Wolf House cafe is in lovely countryside and does good cake! Great coastal walks and also get up Arnside Knott for views of the Lake District mountains and investigate the fairy steps......

Cheeseandbeansontoast Thu 09-Mar-17 17:15:43

Thanks all for some great ideas xxx

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