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Any recommendations for posh self catering, coastal, 2 bed, 2 bath, overlooking the sea? Boutique not chintz.

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WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:05:05

I'm looking for somewhere for 2 adults, 2 children (who will be 10 and 4 then) to go during October half term, within about 3 hours drive of Oxford/Milton Keynes. Ideally we want:

Overlooking the sea/a beach/estuary
Boutique style, no chintz
must have 2 bedrooms, 1 double, 1 twin
must have 2 bathrooms or 2 loos at the very least

We're thinking of maybe Brighton or Norfolk coast or possibly Aldeburgh, but open to anywhere within a few hours really. And ideally I'd like somewhere that will provide a chef for at least 2 of the nights (but could live without that, obviously!)

Thanks for any suggestions.

sunnywong Sun 04-Mar-07 11:06:58

I'll come and be your chef

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:09:29

ok then, I want something like this but with 2 bathrooms. And nearer thes sea, 20 mins walk is too far.

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:09:44

What would you cook us Wongster?

tiredemma Sun 04-Mar-07 11:11:02

something like this perhaps??

brighton apartment

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:13:07

That looks really nice tiredemma.

tiredemma Sun 04-Mar-07 11:14:30

did you see the inside?

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:15:37

Yes, I looked at the virtual tour, it looks good.

sunnywong Sun 04-Mar-07 11:16:01

Spam Fritters
pasta salad
mince pies

tiredemma Sun 04-Mar-07 11:18:15

spam fritters.

what a delight, you could be my chef also SW.

Nockney Sun 04-Mar-07 11:18:17

Have you looked at Landmark trust? More historical than boutique, but beautiful, and incredible locations.

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:22:54

Thnanks Nockney, it's £11 to order Landmark Trust handbook showing properties, I'm sure they're wonderful but I think not luxury enough.

Sw those sound delightful

sunnywong Sun 04-Mar-07 11:30:58

no worries, mate

I am indeed at the sound of your getaway, I do miss the englsh Seaside.

SueW Sun 04-Mar-07 11:34:11

Like this but not Newquay?

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 11:35:21

God yes, SueW that looks gorgeous but we went to Cornwall last Oct and it took FIVE hours! So it's too far we reckon.

SueW Sun 04-Mar-07 11:44:43

Tried here?

SueW Sun 04-Mar-07 11:53:59

iirc the glossy mag "coast" has lots of ads for places like this. If I see it at the shop this afternoon, I'll glance through and see if I can spy any websites for you

Wheelybug Sun 04-Mar-07 12:11:01

damn, when I saw the title I was going to come on and recommend Niche but as we went after reading your recommendation on here I guess it wouldn't be appropriate .

I can be slightly useful and give you some info on where the brighton one is - its on the outskirts of brighton (by the marina if you know brighton at all), but pretty close to the nudist beach . Mind you if you wanted to go into the main bit you could get the volks railway along the beach which would be fun. Lovely apartments though (think they were originally built as a french convalescent home but have been somewhat done up recently !).

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 12:15:15

Did you Wheelybug, which one did you go to?

ucm Sun 04-Mar-07 12:21:14

Ok, so I am a bit slow on the uptake, but WTF does 'boutique' Dorothy Perkins, thats a boutique to me??? Am genuinely interested why you would want to stay in a shop <<perplexed>>

dinny Sun 04-Mar-07 12:22:52

we stayed in one of these here a couple of years ago, WWW. Not sure you want to go to Torquay though. But they were nice.

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 12:23:41

wiki definition

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 12:24:21

We used to live in Dartmouth dinny and dh's parents are still down that way so no to Torquay but thanks!

Wheelybug Sun 04-Mar-07 12:24:29

one in Porthleven.... trying to think of its name. It was a 2 bedroom apartment (sort of) overlooking the harbour.

I have to say it has set a precedent now for s/c in this country . However, we are in London and it took us 6 hours to get there so have opted for Devon in a couple of weeks ! We have found somewhere that has 5 cottages on a farm with indoor pool, therapists that can visit, fresh croissants delivered to your cottage in the morning. So hoping we have found somewhere to equal Niche (keep meaning to email them to see if they'll do the tesco ordering thing because that was a fantastic bonus)!

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Mar-07 12:24:56

They do look very nice though dinny

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