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user1488364374 Wed 01-Mar-17 10:42:03

I'm 17 and recently found out I'm pregnant and I'm living with my boyfriend with his parents. Not so long ago i got a letter asking me to phone this social worker and i did and i met her yesterday, she was reeeaally keen on talking about housing and 'mother and baby' units and stuff but i told her i was happy living with my boyfriends family and she said that shes "heard the house isn't suitable".. Like yeah c'mon it's a bit untidy but nothing major... But she wants to come round in the next week to see the house. Do you think she's just trying to see if its suitable for the baby? obviously we're redecorating by then and clearing out the spare room that is full of clutter but idk i feel like she's targeting me??? Anyone had this before??? :/

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justbeinreal Wed 01-Mar-17 11:12:15

I work for social services and this sounds like a normal assessment where a referral has been made?
Why would she be targeting you? That's an odd assumption.
Surely you're on the same page anyway. I imagine everyone wants to know the house is suitable for a baby and if it's not she might be able to offer some support
Try not to worry

mumma24 Mon 20-Mar-17 20:13:38

Have you asked them why they are doing an assessment? It wouldnt be because of the mess, there must be other concerns

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