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Self catering near Oban

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Aquasport Wed 15-Feb-17 09:59:37

Looking for some recommendations, family of 4 - August - would like to do sons island hopping. Would like secluded lodge something like that maybe near loch Awe? Visited last year but not stayed that far up before. Any recommendations welcome.

EggysMom Wed 15-Feb-17 19:50:24

When you say near Loch Awe, do you mean across the top (Cruachan, Lochawe village) so that you are still on a main road to Oban to reduce travel times; or are you thinking down the side of Loch Awe, which is prettier but adds to the journey times?

If the latter, look for Loch Awe cabins or anything near Dalavich. It used to be a cabin site owned by the Forestry Commission and went into private hands a number of years ago. But I should warn you, it's 45 minutes into Oban from there, 30 minutes of which is along a single track road. I know it well as I used to commute that journey to/from Oban every day! It can take even longer if the cows are wandering across the road, or you meet a timber wagon and have to reverse ...

Personally I'd stay coastal, and look for something south of Oban (along the main road to Lochgilphead) or north (along the main road through Connel up to Ballachulish). Inland has the hills, but not the sea.

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