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holiday here or abroad - help!!!

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maryplain Thu 22-Feb-07 23:02:25

I have a son who will be 4 in july, and a husband who does not want to fly on holiday this year - a total pain, but we want to have a 2 week holiday - has to be in school holidays as I am a teacher - and so far all we can come up with is something in Cornwall or Devon or Eurocamps cos we can use the ferry. As our young one is an only child and I AM NOT TAKING THE MOTHER IN LAW AS A BABY SITTER - that is for the benefit of my husband who thought it was a good suggestion, we do need kid's clubs to just make sure we get a bit of a break too. Said husband is also averse to caravans and doesn't like joining in with all the big holiday camp type things - makes him sound like a misery, he isn't - but he is just one of those men who needs space and since he has been very ill this year I am going to indulge him! any ideas? Any views on Eurocamp or are there other alternatives? I don't want to go away and find myself doing more work on things than I do already!
Thanks! MaryPlain

hex Fri 23-Feb-07 21:58:47

Okay - so he needs space - tell him he can take the ferry and get the train, while you and ds fly, and all meet up on arrival. Then, having had his 'space' on the way over (he can read, drink, sleep, whatever), you can let him and ds enjoy each other a couple of afternoons while you spa it.

gemmiegoatlegs Fri 23-Feb-07 22:04:19

we did a keycamp hol last year with dcs, then 3 and 10 months. my dcs were too young to use many of the kids facilities but we found it really relaxin anyway as the camps are really family friendly, and for me personally, it is better to be somewhere where you can do your own thing rather than having to worry about times of meals and annoying the people in the next room by havin your l.o shouting Bob the Builder, Can he fix it at 4 am. as for your hubby, the eurocamp things aren't holiday camps in the hi de hi sense of the word. I saw no line dancing OR wet t-shirt competitions when we were there.

sammac Fri 23-Feb-07 22:16:00

Don't know if this might be helpful, but many similarities with my family. We are staying here for hols- going to centre parc then onto Norfolk Broads on a boat. Dh is in his element with the boat, stopping at villages/pubs/etc. Ds (5) already bought his fishing rod in preparation. Loads to do all around. Kids get the pool thing in first week and activities in CP, done both before but not combined. Everyone looking forward to it

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