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Hotels near Harry Potter London?

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user1483786586 Sat 07-Jan-17 11:08:36

Morning all
I need two rooms for February half term for one night near the Harry Potter experience, London

Has anyone any advice, recommendations, deals they know of?

Ideally, we'd like a pool / gym if possible....

Thanks in advance.

bakingaddict Sat 07-Jan-17 11:12:31

Harry Potter is in Watford so Google hotels in Watford. I don't imagine there are too many hotels but there might be a Marriott and Hilton off the top of my head. Otherwise if you stay in London you'll have to take the mainline train to Watford Junction and get the free shuttle bus to Harry Potter

cowbag1 Sat 07-Jan-17 11:14:19

We stop at the Hilton. Only a 10 min drive and has a nice pool.

feesh Sat 07-Jan-17 11:24:55

It's not in London, but in Abotts Langley, a village near Watford.

If you want luxury, The Grove is not far away and it's lovely.

In nearby Apsley there is a Holiday Inn Express for a more budget option.

CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 07-Jan-17 17:17:24

I think there's a common misconception that the studios are in London. They are quite far from there, just outside Watford as others have said.

Although it'/ all relative I suppose. If you're coming from the US London is the nearest place they will have heard of.

We stayed at a hotel next to Watford junction station. Wouldn't recommend it, trains were very noisy all night.

Depends how and where you're coming from really. Will you be driving?

user1483786586 Sat 07-Jan-17 18:30:17

Thanks all
We will be driving in from the South West

Which Hilton, as there appears to be a few in the wider area?

INeedNewShoes Sat 07-Jan-17 18:38:58

Watford isn't much fun for being a tourist.

On the same train line as Watford Junction but outside the M25 (only 15 minutes on the train though) is Berkhamsted which has independent hotels to choose from and lots of restaurants. There's also a dilapidated castle which might be fun to explore on the day you're not at the studios.

Or consider staying in London near Euston station (though will be a lot more expensive and parking might be awkward).

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 07-Jan-17 18:58:36

We stayed at the Holiday Inn by Watford Station, cheap and cheerful. There was a pub round the corner that was fine for families. We travelled by train though, so needed to be near transport links. By car there would be much more choice.

umberellaonesie Sat 07-Jan-17 19:00:14

We stayed at theholiday Inn at the station in Watford it was clean, comfortable and we got a suite for the 5 of us

Wolfiefan Sat 07-Jan-17 19:00:50

We stayed at a premier inn in Kings Langley. Just found the corner really. Was quite. Few years ago but was clean and had restaurant for dinner.

AddUpToNothing Sat 07-Jan-17 20:10:08

We're also going in February half term, so I'm watching this thread with interest.

I was debating making it a two day trip and staying in London, see some sights/visit a museum, then getting the train to Watford Junction and getting the free shuttle bus.

FrillyFimbo Sat 07-Jan-17 20:20:35

There is a holiday inn, junction 8 M1 that's not too far away & has a pool.

Ilovewillow Sat 07-Jan-17 20:24:15

If you look on the HP studio website and look at facilities there is an accommodation link to preferred partners which might be useful. As an aside I took my daughter last week and it was a great day out! Enjoy!

AssembleTheMinions Sat 07-Jan-17 20:26:32

We stayed in the Holiday inn at ,Watford Junction. Not sure about a pool but was next to the station where we could get into London in around 15 mins.

Dancingunicornnow Sun 08-Jan-17 17:53:49

Ideas -

Hotels in Watford city centre - Jurys Inn, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn (all decent enough)

Hotels on the A41 short drive away - the Hilton and The Mercure (both with pools)

The Grove if you want some luxury

The Village in Elstree nearby with a great pool

The Red Lion in Radlett - an inn feel

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