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Belfast hotels?

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susannahmoodie Wed 04-Jan-17 09:30:22

We are thinking of going to Belfast for a few days in the summer followed by a week in Galway. We have been before as we have friends who live there but we are a bigger family now and so are they so going to stay in a hotel rather than with them.....

We were considering either of the following options for 3 nights......

We have 2 ds aged 3 and 6.

Premier Inn next to the titanic and w5- planning on doing both of these attractions but worried will be a bit too cheap and cheerful??

Hilton- can get adjoining rooms which would mean we would not have to sit in the dark after dcs are in bed! But pricier obvs

Have also been recommended the clandeboye hotel towards Bangor.....would be more peaceful with free parking but if we do want to see mostly city centre attractions will we spend all of our time driving/commuting??

Which one should we go for?

toastymarshmallow Wed 04-Jan-17 09:39:59

IMO the clandeboye is too far out for your purposes and will cost similar to the Hilton probably. Its pretty high end.

I live near Belfast so haven't actually stayed in any of them, but I have stayed in several Premier Inns and they have all been fine. It depends on what you are used to and how important the adjoining room thing is. Have you checked that the Premier Inn doesn't have any adjoining rooms available?

KittyOShea Wed 04-Jan-17 09:41:36

I would go for the city centre option if everything you are doing is in town. The Clandeboye is a nice hotel but the traffic in and out to Bangor can be awful at rush hour or in good weather (people going to the beach nearby). The summer is also marching season so you could be badly delayed travelling if there's a march on.

The Premiere Inn is grand and would be fine for me (no children so I'd only be using it for somewhere to wash and sleep) but in your circumstances I'd go for the Hilton. The Malone Lodge (Off the Malone Road close to town) used to have apartments which could work out as a cheaper option either.

toastymarshmallow Wed 04-Jan-17 09:45:16

Oh yes there are apartments on the Lisburn road too. I have stayed in those and they were fine. They have a free parking garage thing too.

Cakescakescakes Wed 04-Jan-17 09:53:20

Definitely not the Clandeboye. It's nice but traffic is horrific between Belfast and Bangor.

susannahmoodie Wed 04-Jan-17 09:57:30

Thank you!

Ok so Clandeboye is out....

Think premier Inn just had family roots not adjoining. Will check out the apartments.

peggyundercrackers Wed 04-Jan-17 10:07:12

we go to Belfast quite regularly, we normally use holiday inn, premier inn and the Fitzwilliam hotel. they have all been OK tbh, we've used the holiday inn the most as it suits us best when we have the kids with us. its also nice and central to town.

SausageSoda Wed 04-Jan-17 10:07:55

I'd go for the Hilton or you could try the Ramada Encore in the city centre or the Clayton Hotel. Both are very central and suitable for children. The Premier Inn would also be fine.

Jurys Inn is also city centre and child friendly. Along the same lines as premier inn but is clean and very central.

Clandeboye is too far out so glad that's off your list.

SausageSoda Wed 04-Jan-17 10:17:44

Apple Apartments might also be worth checking out - very good central location.

susannahmoodie Wed 04-Jan-17 12:07:11

Great recommendations thanks will check them all out

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