hotel for fun overnight stay with a 7yo - easy train from London

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Ktay Sun 04-Dec-16 19:35:57

Want to take DD (7) away for a fun overnight stay somewhere within easy reach of London by train - if it's on a Waterloo/Clapham junction line, so much the better. Child-friendly activities a bonus but main thing we need is a pool and somewhere for a nice (7yo-friendly ie not fine dining) dinner in-house or nearby. Probably looking at £100 max for a night's B&B - hoping there might be some good 'twixmas' deals about? Thanks for any tips...

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Ktay Mon 05-Dec-16 11:42:15


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cestlavielife Tue 06-Dec-16 11:30:47

hilton hotels have good dinner b and b deals. around 120 with dinner b and b may be even less. make sure you ask about the dinner b and b deal or look at room options on website
try arundel (tiny pool, nice grounds) or maidstone (great size pool)

or look at brockenhurst search hotels eg balmer lawn middle of new forest and easy train journey

Mondrian Tue 06-Dec-16 11:46:48

Southampton is just over an hour from Waterloo

Ktay Tue 06-Dec-16 17:36:34

Thanks both, balmer lawn is a nice idea, we've camped next to there before. Arundel's probably good for a mini break too.

Southampton crossed my mind too - any idea about hotels?

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Mondrian Tue 06-Dec-16 22:11:19

We stayed in Novotel which worked out well for us as it was good value with lots of restaurants and shops within a 5 min walk. TGI Fridays (DCs fav) is right in front of hotel right next to McDonald's.

Winchester could be interesting too I think there is a Xmas market (and a traditional sweet shop) but not sure about hotels.

Ktay Tue 06-Dec-16 23:16:37

I think dd's top priorities are likely to be pool and good breakfast buffet (girl after my own heart!)

Winchester lovely but we've been there quite a bit on day trips

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Muddlingalongalone Tue 06-Dec-16 23:21:25

I haven't stayed myself but what about the Chessington hotel?
I know a colleague got a really good deal on

lapsedorienteerer Wed 07-Dec-16 13:40:19

Legoland Hotel Windsor

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