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Posh restaurant for DH 40th in Rye

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SexNamesRFab Sun 27-Nov-16 11:20:11

Just that really. DH is turning 40 so I'm surprising him with a child free weekend in Rye. As its so close to Xmas I feel I should book somewhere to celebrate on his actual birthday. Any recommendations? He loves all food - the more fattening the better.

ComingtoKent Wed 30-Nov-16 19:55:31

Ambrette. I haven't been to the Rye one, but I have been to the one in Margate several times. Indian influenced cooking, but fine dining. So you get amuse bouches between courses. It's lovely and reasonably priced for the quality.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Wed 30-Nov-16 20:14:07

I love the Gallivant in Camber Sands. They often do gourmet escapes and deals that include dinner, bed and breakfast.

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