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Why are the trains so rubbish?

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MollyHuaCha Fri 18-Nov-16 21:40:23

*Today I took a train from the Midlands to London. It involves taking a train from my local station to a main station, then a fast train to London. My first train from the local station was delayed, so I thought I had missed the train to London. But 'luckily' for me, that was delayed too, so I caught it after all. People were standing for the whole journey - 90 minutes. When I returned in the afternoon, I was refused boarding on two trains because my London Midland ticket was not allowed on Virgin trains. Eventually, I was allowed on a train - again, dozens and dozens of tired people standing for the whole journey. At last I got off and waited for the local train to take me to my local station. But an announcement came that all trains on my line were cancelled and passengers should get a minibus from outside the station to the next station along the line. After waiting outside for nearly half an hour on a cold and drizzly evening, my fellow passengers and I concluded that the minibus had no plans to arrive. The ticket office staff gave disinterested shrugs and mumbled something about having requested the minibus from the local taxi service an hour and a half ago, but nothing had come. So we walked a mile (in the dark/cold/drizzle) to the next station along the line. There we caught a train in the right direction, but for some reason to do with the earlier cancellations and delays, this train was going to stop only at the main local stations, not all the little ones. So we had to get off at the nearest station that it did stop at and again wait for a train - and yes, this one was delayed too! The whole journey from London to my home t*ook *4 hours when it should have taken 90 minutes.

Why are the trains so rubbish?*

lljkk Fri 18-Nov-16 21:49:45

Because the public vote for political parties that promise tax cuts to the rich and poor investment in infrastructure. (hth)

MollyHuaCha Fri 18-Nov-16 21:59:24

Hi llijkk, I didn't expect a reply! I was just having a moan wink Yes, you are right. But if it's kinder to the environment to take public transport, it needs to be more reliable. If I'd have known my journey was going to be such a pain, I'd have taken the car.

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