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Anyone been to Centerparcs for New Year?

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sweetheart Fri 11-Nov-16 13:19:54

We've just booked to go to Centerparcs for New Year and wondering if it's worth spending the money on the restaurants or the NYE party?

Any info would be great.

Pinkgeek Fri 11-Nov-16 13:21:46

Go to the party! I've been a few times and they're great fun! Fireworks usually nearby too so you'll get a good viewing spot!

sweetheart Fri 11-Nov-16 13:27:24

Thanks for the info - do people get dressed up? Also it says food stalls and mobile bar - any idea what type of food stalls? And is it horrendously busy trying to get a drink at the bar?

loobylou10 Fri 11-Nov-16 13:33:54

We want to the party in the sports plaza a few years ago and hated it. Too loud, too busy and too impersonal. Cost a fortune for just a table too! I would go out and about early then have a nice dinner in your lodge. fireworks at midnight were good and free as was the new year walk the next morning.

Pinkgeek Fri 11-Nov-16 13:56:14

The years I went it was a sit down meal with waiter service for drinks.

Sounds like they've changed things.

I always dressed up and didn't feel out of place!

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