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February 2017 Half Term??

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Parkmama Sat 29-Oct-16 23:02:42

Where do you go on holiday in February half term? DD1 has just started school and we're planning our time for next year and have no idea where to start for February . . . UK self catering? where's good with plenty to do for little ones? DD1 is 4 and DD2 is 2 . . . not massively keen on Centre Parcs but have considered Bluestone in Wales . . . like the idea of the facilities but they are pretty £££ and for the age of my girls it's really only the onsite swimming pool that's the main attraction. Happy to consider going abroad, but again where to at this time of year? Would consider UK South East/West for a rental but I want to be sure that there's going to be enough going on to keep the girls occupied for a week . . .

AliceMum09 Mon 31-Oct-16 00:58:28

We're going to Disneyland Paris for February half term! We also went at the same time of year in 2014. Both times we've been lucky with the prices because our half term has been a week later than most other places (we're at Disney Mon 20th-Fri 24th Feb next year).

We also went to Center Parcs in February this year, this time our holiday was a week earlier than most other places so we were able to pay £399 for Mon-Fri in a 4-bed lodge on Mon 8th Feb instead of having to pay £1,200 for the self same lodge the following week!

2014newme Mon 31-Oct-16 10:20:46

Centre parcs is much better than bluestone.
We too have done Disney Paris at Feb half term, cold but fun.
London or other locations with lots of indoor attractions.

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