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And the best curry house in or around Derby is..?

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CheekymonkeysGreatestHits Thu 26-Apr-07 21:11:55

Tandoori Nights in Shardlow is by far the best Indian resteraunt in Derby (a bit late I know but good for future reference!)

Forgetmepword Thu 08-Feb-07 17:30:14

Oh Wow! A reply Thanks fairydust!

fairydust Thu 08-Feb-07 13:03:36

the one near the city hospital - jewel something i think is surpose to be really nice .

Forgetmepword Thu 08-Feb-07 13:01:24


Forgetmepword Wed 07-Feb-07 22:15:46

Off to visit some family in Derby next week and want to escape their awful cooking for at least one night to get a Curry fix. Anyone got any recommendations?

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