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Wiltshire/Dorset borders

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5Foot5 Tue 04-Oct-16 13:17:13

Next week we have rented a cottage not far from Salisbury (on Cranborne Chase) so am interested in places to visit Wiltshire / Dorset not too far from there.

We like walking and visiting interesting places and NT properties.

Already thought of:
- day in Salisbury
- walk around Old Sarum area
- Stonehenge, combined with a walk in that area
- hopefully somewhere on Dorset coast if the drive is not too long

Anyone got any advice or suggestions? We don't know the area at all.

PikachuBoo Tue 04-Oct-16 13:24:53

Stonehenge is quite chilly so dress more warmly that you'd expect.

You get the most from it if you walk from the (fab) new visitor centre and come across the stones in their 'natural habitat'. So comfy shoes will add to your pleasure.

It's an amazing place, don't rush your visit, and give yourselves time to soak in the entire environment. If you've got time and inclination there are some longer walks. My co-visitees (10, 12) have not so far consented to a longer walk so I have no recommendations for which route is better. I suspect there are routes on the English Heritage/Stonehenge site or the Wilts tourist board. There are certainly references to them when you are there.

I dream of walking the last few miles (rather than just the last mile from the visitor centre) and finding it for myself <wanders off into a daydream>.

somefarawaydream Tue 04-Oct-16 13:30:20

Stourhead house is NT, not too far away.

Dorset coast is easily reachable from where you are, especially Bournemouth, Christchurch etc. You could get the chain ferry over from Sandbanks to Studland, lovely beach.

Or you could go to Brownsea Island, i think it's NT?

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