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mckenzie Sat 01-Oct-16 11:40:25

We are going to Salcombe next year (July)
We being
me (who wants to go and has booked the holiday),
DH (who doesn't want to go but appreciates that we normally do his choice of holiday and so is going along with this)
DS (teenager, really doesn't want to go, just wants to play golf in guaranteed sunshine every day)
DD (not yet teenager, not happy about going but placated at the thought of bringing her best friend)

DS will also be able to bring a friend.

I appreciate that it's months away but I want to plan this holiday carefully so that everybody enjoys themselves and I don't have sour faces and miserable house guests spoiling my week.

So please may I have your suggestions for things to do?

We will do kayaking for sure and I'd like us all to have a go at sailing, in some shape or form.

DH and DS can play golf once or twice I'm sure.
DD and her friend are very sporty.

Personally, I'd like to walk for miles all day every day but I appreciate I need to get the balance right.
And be prepared for rain!
Any suggestions please gratefully received.

Ferguson Mon 17-Oct-16 19:51:23

There are, of course, miles of cliff-top walks to the south of Salcombe, reached from the steep road to the National Trust Overbecks garden. There was a 52 bed YHA Youth Hostel, but that has now closed as it was losing money.

BeverleyBrook Mon 17-Oct-16 19:55:29

The lovely thing about Salcombe, is that you don't need to 'do' stuff. The shops are lovely, the walk to north sands is just long enough to be a stretch . There are lots of excellent restaurants for all budgets (personal favourites are Captain Flints, the Winking Prawn, and The Jetty). Plenty of places to buy excellent local food to cook at home. Pottery painting at China Blue (30 mins away) on a rainy day. Take a motor boat out one day maybe? Cinema at Kingsbridge. We love it. Go back year after year. smile

sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 29-Oct-16 23:23:33

My kids are much younger but we go every year and did pre kids too. The joy of salcombe is pottering round the shops, eating out, the beaches, coffee watching the world go by and lots of walking. If you do decide to go further afield there are some fabulous NT properties (we love Cotehele) and lovely small towns to visit like Dartmouth and Totnes

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