Hyde Park Christmas markets

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DudeWheresMyVulva Sat 01-Oct-16 11:07:19


I would be grateful for any info about the Hyde Park Christmas markets in December and if they are good and worth going to. We used to love the Austrian markets when we lived in Europe, but want to do a little weekend away with our DS who is 7 and terrified of flying. I'd love to know people's impressions about Hyde Park and if you have enjoyed it. I'd also love to have any hotel recommendations near the area. Not sure yet what our budget would be - are minimum would be Premier Inn costs, but we have not had a 'proper' break for 3 years so I could go up to maybe £300 a night max.

Many thanks to anyone who is happy to share experiences!

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BigSandyBalls2015 Sat 01-Oct-16 11:14:36

If you mean the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park then I wouldn't bother, it's nothing like the Austrian Christmas markets. More of a fun fair with food stalls and the odd other stall.

When it first started it was good, but it's gradually got bigger and bigger over the years and it's very expensive - £5 per ride etc. Over-crowded as well.

DudeWheresMyVulva Sat 01-Oct-16 11:30:05

Oh I did mean that.

Darnit. Hmmmm..... I am determined to have a really decent weekend break over winter somewhere. I wonder if there might be something else along those lines in the UK.......

Thanks. smile

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originalmavis Sat 01-Oct-16 11:32:35

Try southbank. Hyde park is very expensive.

DudeWheresMyVulva Sat 01-Oct-16 11:34:00

will look into it, thanks. smile

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lightgreenglass Sat 01-Oct-16 11:38:04

Birmingham German Markets are way better than the winter wonderland at Hyde Park.

80sWaistcoat Sat 01-Oct-16 11:42:04

I like Manchester Christmas market and there's loads of other stuff to do. The Hyde park one I wasn't that keen on.

80sWaistcoat Sat 01-Oct-16 11:42:49

Depending where you live, could you train it to Europe and a Christmas market?

Artandco Sat 01-Oct-16 11:50:24

Nope. It's a very expensive funfair basically.

I would be tempted to take the Eurostar to Brussels or Paris. You could take the train and stay 2 nights for cheaper than a premier inn in London for 3 nights.

DudeWheresMyVulva Sat 01-Oct-16 11:51:33

[furiously taking notes ]

I am starting to like the idea of the Eurostar and Europe.

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bakingaddict Sat 01-Oct-16 11:55:03

You can take the Eurostar from St Pancras and be in Cologne in 4.5hrs. Depending on where in the country your travelling from get to London spend one night and then take the Eurostar next morning. If you look in zone 2 and 3 areas you can often get Premier Inns for not much more than £70.

noramum Sat 01-Oct-16 16:05:40

Hyde Park is a funfair. We went to Southbank 2 years ago and it was - def not what you expect.

There was one around London Bridge last year, that may be better but I haven't been there.

We are Germans and I obvious know most non-Europe ones are not what you have in Germany/Austria but these were really bad.

I agree with the Eurostar option, I haven't been to the one in Cologne but heard good things.

funnyfoursome Tue 11-Oct-16 11:52:23

Agree with the above. Bath and Winchester Christmas markets are lovely but haven't been with kids

Bertieboo1 Tue 11-Oct-16 11:54:33

Birmingham and Manchester Christmas markets are both really good but I would also be tempted to Eurostar to Bruges or somewhere similarly festive!

dinkystinky Tue 11-Oct-16 11:56:05

Good grief, no don't do it - Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is nothing like a Christmas market. Its hideously expensive and gets v rammed. Bath Christmas market is meant to be nice.

BruceBogtrotter101 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:12:05

How about a short cruise to Bruges? DH and I were planning at the beginning of 2011 to do this before that Christmas; however DD1 came along that December and scuppered plans grin We're still probably about 5 years away from actually doing it

heron98 Wed 12-Oct-16 09:28:08

We went to Lincoln Christmas market last year and I was so impressed. It was really lovely.

QueenJuggler Wed 12-Oct-16 09:34:05

If you want a European-style Christmas market, you have to go to Europe. Some of the ones in the UK are nice, but not a patch on the type you are thinking of.

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