October half term suggestions 2-3 nights midweek with 11 & 12 year old north northwest or Scotland

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Brighteyes27 Wed 28-Sep-16 12:17:04

Just this really any suggestions. No wifi would be a bonus in my opinion but probably won't go down well with everyone else. It would be lovely to have a short break and some family time. Thinking north, northwest of England or the lower half of Scotland as don't want to travel for too long. Need either a hotel with (2 single beds and a main bed) in a place with options other than trailing round the shops which my husband loves but the rest of us are sick of or a cottage/apartment, Aparthotel with similar bed arrangements. Any ideas? Most places I have thought of seem to be either a long weekend (and we can't go the first weekend and the second weekend they have to be back in school) or for a full week (and hubbie doesn't have that much leave and prices are high with half term). Many thanks

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