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Anyone been to Butlins in Bogner recently?

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BlipBlapBlop Tue 06-Sep-16 19:42:27

What's it like? Any good for 2 adults and a 3 year old? Any recommendation where to stay in there? What sort of things to do for toddler?

Oxtailchambermaid Wed 14-Sep-16 11:43:58

Hi, I live near Bognor and have 4 year old twins, so we go there on day visits. There is loads to do for your 3 year old, he will love it. The swimming complex is huge and great fun: a wave machine in the big pool, loads of toddler friendly slides, water squirter things, jacuzzi areas etc.
Then back in the main pavilion there are 4 toddler fairground style rides, a big soft play area and the shows that run through the day. Outside my 2 love the helter skelter and the dodgem cars.
I think 2 days would be my maximum stay though, not sure how long you are thinking of going for. I have no idea about where to stay, I don't know about the quality / value for money for the onsite accommodation.

Whereismumhiding2 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:10:39

We've been to Bognor but not for about 5 years, as prefer minehead butlins - since it has chalets & sandy beach. Bognor is pebbled beach and flat appartments mostly. Your 3 year old will love it!! Lots of free stuff to do for children & entertainment.... The loudness of it all might drive you mad tho. Accommodation wise at Bognor it is (i think) all flats - here is the key bit- with outside metal stairways ( like fire escapes) for access. Make sure your buggy folds up small. (Do still take one as DC may fall asleep during child show in eve & you can be quite a walk to Skyline pavilion). The flats themselves aren't bad at all - go "silver" appartment or above (not bronze!). Enjoy x

5BlueHydrangea Thu 15-Sep-16 16:15:05

We went there at Easter. Loads to do for small kids. We stayed in the Shoreline hotel. Lovely rooms with a partitioned off bit for the kids bedroom. They have extra activities eg put Billy Bear to bed which a 3 year old would probably love. Special oversized bedroom and he gets a story etc. my dd loved it at 4 but over it now at a grown up 6! Other in hotel activities too.
The hotel is similar price to the apartments so worth a look. We got the food package which works out reasonably priced.

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