Nursery fees (full time) after free allowance granted

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evilfer Wed 31-Aug-16 20:17:42


I hope it's ok to describe a bit our case with our nursery, where our 3yo attends full time. We got our first invoice after applying the Free 570 hours/year, and we are very surprised at the small difference it makes in the fee.

Before the free allowance, we paid around £1000. With the free allowance, we get a discount of £35. The new invoice indicates of those around £200 are for meals (which shouldn't change).

This means that we were paying around £800 per month for the nursery hours (5 days a week), and now will be paying around £765 (for around 4 days a week paid hours).

Is this discount amount common?

Best regards,

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mouldycheesefan Thu 01-Sep-16 13:56:18

Query the invoice surely?

evilfer Thu 01-Sep-16 14:15:46

Hi Mouldy Cheese smile. We are doing that now.

Perhaps there was no reason to post here before having a response from the nursery, but I went into panic mode as soon as I saw the invoice, as I was expecting a significant discount :S.

I was thinking that the same may have happened to other parents (hopefully not!) and they could offer advise before meeting the nursery staff.


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mouldycheesefan Thu 01-Sep-16 14:31:28

You should save more than £35 obviously . You need an itemised invoice rather than a meeting with nursery staff.

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