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City Break Ideas

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OldJoseph Mon 29-Aug-16 18:39:08

I've taken the DC to Cardiff and York for short breaks and now I'm wondering where to go next.
Ideally a hotel with a pool and interconnecting rooms for 5 of us. Also with places to visit a short walk away so we can leave the car when we get there.
Any ideas?

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Aug-16 18:42:01

Edinburgh? Can't recommend a hotel though.

Newcastle is great for pottering and trips to the coast on the metro.The Copthorne has a pool, no idea about rooms.

Lolimax Mon 29-Aug-16 18:43:43

I can't help with the hotel but we've been to Bristol a couple of times and (in good weather) it was lovely. @bristol is a great hands on science museum plus SS Great Britain and the river taxis. You could get a bus to Bristol zoo.

eurochick Mon 29-Aug-16 18:43:57

Stratford upon Avon?

eurochick Mon 29-Aug-16 18:44:16

Bath is good for a short break.

Chiliprepper Mon 29-Aug-16 18:47:41

I'd second Edinburgh, Calton hotel has a pool and is very central, just had a big refurb too. Otherwise there is a holiday in a bit further out but right next door to the zoo (also with a pool). Other really central places with the pool are the Scotsman and the balmoral, both quite fancy though

OldJoseph Mon 29-Aug-16 19:53:11

Thanks, I've a look and Bristol looks very promising! I love a river taxi.

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