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Anyone got a good discount code for centerparcs that would be valid this October?

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Lilliput Wed 31-Jan-07 22:06:01

Mumsnet one not working for that far in advance. Best I can get so far is 10%, can anyone beat that?

mrsmummy Fri 02-Feb-07 13:23:02

can't help sorry as i need one too, could you tell me what gives you 10% off??

preggerspoppet Fri 02-Feb-07 13:44:56

google it, I did and it came up with loads of codes on moneysavingexpert we got 20% that way, you have to write down the codes and try them all on the booking form to see if they work, it was quite exciting to see which one would work!

missd Thu 22-Feb-07 12:36:53

nave a look on she has loads of codes on there

mrsmummy Thu 22-Feb-07 12:52:18

believe me i have googled and looked on loads of websites and gone through loads of codes and i mean loads but none work for the end of oct

Oati Thu 22-Feb-07 12:54:38

I think half term is likely to be the end of October - no chance of a discount for that week

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