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Scotland in Feb half term

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Namechangenurseryconcerns Mon 08-Aug-16 17:38:25

I impulse booked a cottage in aviemore yesterday but am now having second thoughts.
Have 2 dc who will be 7 and nearly 5.
The hope is that we get some skiing in but the children have never skied and DH and I are decidedly rusty.
It doesn't look like any where does lessons for under 5s so we'd be looking at pricey private ones.
Also, what if it doesn't snow? It looks like there's some good things to do but will we fill a week?
It's a long drive (6 + hours) so want to make sure we don't regret it!!

Namechangenurseryconcerns Mon 08-Aug-16 22:07:45

Hopeful bump

Twirlstwirlstwirls Mon 08-Aug-16 22:13:46

Well I'd drive 6hrs plus for the baking at The Mountain Café and I reckon Rothiemurchus Forest will be a fab place to visit if you don't have luck on the piste.

Emeralda Mon 08-Aug-16 22:22:52

I'm not entirely sure what's open in February but I wonder if it's worth phoning the tourist office in Aviemore to find out what's open for your dates? Previous highlights for us were the Highland Folk Park and a place that did a sheepdog demonstration. Others have spoken highly of Landmark and the Cairngorm reindeers. Again, sorry if it's not February relevant - I've only been in the summer.

GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Mon 08-Aug-16 22:24:51

Oh The Mountain Cafe is amazing! I love getting breakfast there when I'm visiting family. Aviemore is a fantastic place any time of the year, loads to do and Inverness is a great city to wander around. You'll not regret it and the kids will love it smile

LAmusic Tue 09-Aug-16 00:54:11

Landmark does not open until March ish. Reindeer good place. But it will snow... I can guarantee you!

NapQueen Tue 09-Aug-16 00:59:37

We go every February and stay in the Aviemore/Newtonmore/Kingussie area.

Landmark park is open February but not all of it. The hall of illusions or whatever it's called is open and the woods to walk around in and there is a play park.

There is a great wildlife park in Kingussie. We go every time.

Aviemore has a kids soft play if the weather is bad.

Do the vernacular railway up the Cairngorm.

Go to the squirrel cafe. Walk around some lakes.

Skiing we usually go to the lecht but not done it with the kids yet we just went pre kids. We only take the kids sledging.

bramblina Tue 09-Aug-16 01:11:07

It will probably snow on the mountain, but may also be rather blowy! is lovely on a clear day- and they accept Tesco vouchers. is a great place- I've only been in the summer but it is a great park. is free so you can't go wrong. Lots to see outside so wrap up! The Highlife Highland website is good too so have a look while you are there.

I think the MacDonald Hotel in Aviemore has a good swimming pool which is open to non-res.

I second the Rothiemurcus Estate but check what will be open in Feb.

Failing that, Inverness is a great city with plenty to do. Swimming, bowling, golf driving range, museums, ice rink, great play park, huge indoor soft play thingy, Urquhart castle, Loch Ness tours, and a new Karting raceway which just opened this year.

APlaceOnTheCouch Tue 09-Aug-16 01:25:37

Buy a sledge. It means you can enjoy the snow even when you're not having private lessons. Funicular is great. There are two soft plays - one at the Hilton and one at the MacDonald. There's crazy golf at the Hilton too. (Word of advice if the sign says don't play the outside holes then don't. Even if it's sunny and dry. There can be slippery icy patches halfway round resulting in dramatic falls and wet trousers) Landmark is entertaining for little ones even when the rides are closed because of the illusions, the maze and the play park. The wildlife park is fab and as a PP said you can easily have a day trip to Inverness. The visitor centre at Culloden is excellent. Our 7-yr-old could have stayed there for hours because there's an excellent mix of exhibits and interactive displays.

Ningnang2000 Tue 09-Aug-16 03:34:58

There's loads to do in aviemore. There's a nice swimming pool open to the public at the mcdonald and a solfplay at the HIlton plus you can take the kids to see the polar bear at the Highland wildlife park. The also do steam train rides from aviemore too. If it's going to snow it'll likely be February.

Namechangenurseryconcerns Tue 09-Aug-16 10:33:50

Ok thank you-it sounds good even without the skiing which is what I was hoping.

DH and I are (badly) self taught so have never done the lesson thing and don't know how it works-especially in this country.

Would it be possible to book an instructor for all four of us together does anyone know?

APlaceOnTheCouch Tue 09-Aug-16 12:04:56

tbh we've been to Aviemore for a weekend every year for the past few years. We always intend to ski but end up doing so many other activities that we haven't skied there yet blush so I can't help on the lesson front.

Remember too that even if there is no snow on the ground in Aviemore, that doesn't mean there isn't any on the hills. It's like a completely different climate. When we were there at the start of this year, Aviemore itself was completely clear but the snow was so deep on the top of the mountain that it was impossible to see anything except white drifts. even if you're not skiing get the funicular up the mountain because there's a cafe, shop and little museum up there, and you can have snowball fights

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