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London Commuting from Grantham, Lincolnshire or Newark

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Betts83 Mon 08-Aug-16 00:06:54


We are looking at moving to Lincolnshire and my husband would need to work in London three days a week and his plan is to commute from Grantham in KingsX.

Does anyone have any experience of themselves / hubbies doing this on a daily or odd occasion and what are your thoughts on it (Reliability, travel time, Grantham traffic, parking) etc etc. TIA Kathryn

CelloMum3101 Thu 11-Aug-16 10:30:41


My Dad used to commute Grantham to Kings Cross and is general rail enthusiastsmile.

I think the trains are pretty reliable and there are loads of Kings Cross trains that stop in Grantham so lots of flexibility (I'm guessing some sort of flexi ticket would allow your DH to jump on a different train if needed). The times vary, I think the fastest are about 55 minutes up to 1 hour 10.

There's a massive car park at the station but it's always empty due to the price I believe. I think most people park in the residential roads around the station.

There seem to be quite a lot of people commute from Grantham - London.

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