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Guernsey? Jersey? Anyone...?

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AlloAllo123 Sat 30-Jul-16 08:31:58

Never been to either so please tell all.
Two adults. Like a quiet time, pottering, walks, beach. Not keen on crowds or nightlife. Will be travelling from SE England ideally from Luton airport. How do you get to Guernsey? (air then ferry or is there a direct flight?)

TeaBelle Sat 30-Jul-16 08:33:59

There are direct flights from Gatwick to either island. I prefer jersey but neither is crowded. I:d do one this year and the other the next! I love the channel islands

NicknameUsed Sat 30-Jul-16 08:36:02

Sark. It is a 45 minute ferry ride from Guernsey and is utterly beautiful and peaceful. We have been 3 times.

Ememem84 Sat 30-Jul-16 08:52:14

Fly to jersey. Don't bother with the ferry. It is a pita at present. Delays delays delays.

I live in jersey. It's quiet. Beaches are great. Weather is nice. There is a lot to see and do. Couple of castles, war museum, cliff walks, paddle boarding, etc

BarbaraofSeville Sat 30-Jul-16 08:54:42

I'm interested in all the Channel Islands. Is it easy and cost effective to travel between say Guernsey and Sark without booking?

I don't like to have to plan with military precision but don't want to massively overpay by turning up on the day, rather than booking in advance for ferries etc?

AlloAllo123 Sat 30-Jul-16 09:00:28

Thanks smile Gatwick is out of the question- too far- we are 15 mins from Luton.

So tell me about Jersey- don't want touristy - so where are the quiet bits? Which side, which villages and any good agency for lets - or private owners.

Looking for nice upmarket self catering . Expect we'd hire a car.

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