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Cozmo83 Wed 22-Jun-16 11:56:10

Hi all,

My husband and I are considering starting a family in the next year or two. However, my husband's dad ran off before he was born. We have no idea who he was, and his mum isn't forth coming about information. My husband is not interested in making contact with his dad whatsoever and gets defensive when the subject is bought up. However, I am concerned as we know nothing about his dad, what may be in the genes, etc. I just want to do everything right by a child.

The other thing, I have always had a fear of giving birth (my mum was a gyne nurse) and scared the living day lights out of me growing up so I wouldn't get pregnant early. I'm now 32 and still scared! I have contacted my GP, who put me through to the Family Planning Clinic, who put me through to someone at the local hospital who passed my number to someone else who didn't bother contacting me.

I then found out about Hypnobirthing through google and contacted someone through their website, who promised me twice would call me and hasn't bothered. I feel so very let down. I am a genuine person who wants to do the very best for any children I bring into this world. I want to make sure everything is fine, and I genuinely want help for trying to deal with this before I get pregnant, rather than risk just getting pregnant and then panicking dreadfully causing myself and the baby unnecessary distress. I feel I'm not being taken seriously because I'm not yet pregnant. The fear, however irrational, is very real for me.

Can anybody suggest anything to help point me in the right direction or advice on what I can do.


cestlavielife Fri 24-Jun-16 17:05:13

even if you know what is in the genes it is still a lottery. just be prepared to love a child whatever. you can only do so much testing antenatally.

ask gp to refer you to a counselor again and

use the report button above the post to ask for this to be moved to pregnancy or conception bit of the forum.

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