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Anyone familiar with the Isle of Wight?

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RabbitSaysWoof Tue 21-Jun-16 18:03:15

I have a short stay in Cowes with my 4 year old this August, can anyone recommend some nice places to visit without too much traveling time? I wont be taking my car across, so anywhere I get get to by bus please?

bumpingalong9386 Tue 21-Jun-16 18:14:23

Osborne House is lovely to look around (if that's your kinda thing) and is in Cowes so you don't have to travel far.

Otherwise if you want to get the bus then you can go round to the Needles, Black Gang Chine or Robin Hill. There are also lots of lovely beaches as well.

CremeEggThief Tue 21-Jun-16 18:16:33

Big Cat sanctuary and Dinosaur place at Sandown and Shanklin Chine, in addition to the above. It's a wonderful place and the bus service is good.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 21-Jun-16 18:19:43

Ryde has an amazing beach and a road train that trundles up and down the coast.

And the Island breezer bus services visit all sorts of visitor attractions and you can hop on and off all day. (or just stay on and go all the way round)

RabbitSaysWoof Tue 21-Jun-16 18:25:03

Thank you, I'm having a wobble about going without my car, but its just looking so expensive to take it across. There is a firework display at Blackgang chine the night we arrive, I don't think it would be doable on a bus to get there and come back late.

Pringlesandwine Tue 21-Jun-16 19:27:28

How long are you staying for? I've had some ferry discount vouchers through my door which would make make it cheaper . You really need a car in my opinion. The bus can take an hour to get from the centre of the island to the west Wight and you will miss out on the beautiful coast roads and beaches which only us islanders know of. All the best places are off the bus routes 😉

Pringlesandwine Tue 21-Jun-16 19:32:59

And where abouts in Cowes are you staying? A couple of the holiday camps there are on rubbish bus routes. Think a bus every couple of hours if that!

5BlueHydrangea Tue 21-Jun-16 19:37:02

Pringles just being cheeky but where can I find ferry discount please??

We holidayed on Isle of Wight last summer with dd -now 6 - and going back for more! We did have a car but I understand the buses and trains are very good.
Osborne house is great (English Heritage so free if you are a member). Lovely grounds, play areas and a small private beach down a lovely woodland path. They have mini buses to take you around the grounds too. We didn't go in the house and had a lovely time.
Ryde is great and not far. Pier is good for a wander but only a ferry terminal on the end. Lovely beach. Hovercrafts to watch. There is also bowling and I think ice skating there if you like that.
Further afield, Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill park are good for a big day out. We preferred Robin Hill Park. Less hectic.
There is a model village in Godshill (I think) which we want to see.
Ryde has Waltzing waters which is a water/lights/music show. Good if rainy.
We stayed in Ryde. Cheap cinema too!

RabbitSaysWoof Tue 21-Jun-16 19:38:27

Only 2 nights but I want to really use all three days, we live by the beach at home, so it would be nice to do things we can't at home.
When we booked my friend and her dc were coming so 2 children would occupy each other, now it's me and my ds I want to take him out more.

Pringlesandwine Tue 21-Jun-16 19:46:34

I get them through the door as I'm local. I'll see if there's any which might be useful 5blue and rabbit 😁

RabbitSaysWoof Tue 21-Jun-16 19:52:20

Thank you that would be brilliant. smile
I just googled Osborne House looks great. I saw the Waltzing water show thing earlier too, makes me think I could pack more in with my car.
I'm tempted to extend my stay now.

elephantoverthehill Tue 21-Jun-16 19:55:23

I've got some too, if you want to PM me. I will probably only use one over the summer. They are like postcards so you can send them to friends and family on the mainland or use them yourself. I could give you a tour of one the biggest places of employment in Cowes grin

Pringlesandwine Tue 21-Jun-16 20:09:04

Ha elephant! I can guess where you work! 😁

elephantoverthehill Tue 21-Jun-16 20:25:21

Pringles I do not wish to derail the thread, but did I say I work? wink

YouBoggleMyMind Tue 21-Jun-16 20:26:47

The Garlic Farm!

Laska5772 Tue 21-Jun-16 20:33:30

Hello fellow IOW-ers ( note i didnt say Caulkheads, being an overner.. wink.

elephantoverthehill Tue 21-Jun-16 20:47:09

Good evening to all Overners and Caulkheads. To those you posters intending to come across the Solent we are a friendly bunch and happy to answer questions about good places to go. smile

Laska5772 Tue 21-Jun-16 20:55:48

If you had a car i'd definately recommend West Wight.. especially Compton Bay for the Dinosaur footprints, and the chance to find some fossils .. Colwell Bay is a great beach for kids ..
The Needles Breezer bus is also great .(youve gotta be on the open top). and If you like walking the Tennyson Down to the Needles is fantastic

. I think that this time of year there is also a round the Island Breezer bus .

Fishcake72 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:00:43

Cowes is lovely but a pain without a car. Bus to Newport, bus to Ryde and then you can get the train down the coast to Sandown and Shanklin.

Redactio Tue 21-Jun-16 21:03:13

If you're staying in Cowes (as opposed to one of the holiday camps mentioned earlier) the bus service to Newport is very good, about 8 trips an hour during the day.
Osborne House is in East Cowes and will require a boat trip (floating bridge) and bus.
Bus fares for single short journeys are extortionate but rovers are reasonably priced.
For bus routes and times see the Southern Vectis website

Hiddenaspie1973 Wed 06-Jul-16 20:57:24

Shanklin chine and gardens are lovely as is the promenade walk between shanklin and sandown. There is a fab soft play in shanklin, it's well priced too. I think there's a fab pub In Ventnor coast think it's called the spyglass or lobster pot ?

jellyhead Wed 06-Jul-16 21:02:10

It's the spyglass in ventnor.
I totally love the Isle of Wight.
Beautiful place

RadiatorBlues Wed 27-Jul-16 19:12:27

Thought I'd add my views. Took note of the tips above and visited some of the places so thank you.

Found a nice pub called The Wight Mouse Inn in Chale with lovely playground and nice inside too.

West Wight is great. Only discovered it today but enjoyed just driving around it , so rugged and isolated and beautiful.

I would advise people to check tide times.........

We avoided all the places people recommended like Blackgang Chine and Monkey world despite good reviews as they were SO expensive. And also not unique to IOW as far as I could see.

In all honesty I wouldn't come to IOW again. Only came because going nearby tomorrow and seemed a good idea for a short break. The beaches are lovely but so weather dependent obviously.

wineandsunshine Wed 27-Jul-16 19:23:13

Ahhhhh I just caught a glimpse of this thread....I miss the IOW! Born there, moved off, holiday there and will (hopefully retire there in approx 30 years!)

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