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Activities in Torquay - also opinions on TLH hotels?

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Ktay Mon 13-Jun-16 15:26:23

DH needs to go to Torquay for a few days in August and we are debating whether we all tag along (DDs are 7 and 4) or if it's easier just to stay put at home as he will be busy until about 4pm most days. I'm not a big driver and can only take the beach for so long! Is there much fun non-beach stuff in Torquay or within an easy bus/train ride to keep the girls entertained for a few days? I've found the zoo, soft play and swimming pool on a quick google so far.

A fairly good deal came up at the Carlton TLH hotel when I searched - they appear to put on lots of children's entertainment. Does anyone know anything about that hotel group? Debating whether it's worth going with one of their packages for an easy life or choosing accommodation separately and making our own fun. Or indeed not going at all...

Chocolate1985 Thu 30-Jun-16 14:15:23

Hi although we don't have children we go to Torquay every year and last year stayed at the TLH Derwent hotel which is part of the same complex as the Carlton . The entertainment was varied there was bingo then cabaret in our hotel . The complex has a massive indoor pool and an outdoor one games room and a lot of people we spoke to never left the actual complex . Accommodation was not fancy but was decent for the value deal we got . There are steam trains which leave from Paignton which is one of the towns close to Torquay don't know if your children would enjoy that also the model village which is excellent and would probably be fun for your children . You can get the boat to Brixham from Torquay harbour which is quite a good way to spend a couple of hours , there's a big pirate ship attraction at Brixham . We also visited a place called Bygones in Torquay which had loads of old things in it (old toys costumes etc) from the 1900s .

Ktay Sun 03-Jul-16 19:01:39

Thanks for the reply! We booked into a different hotel in the end. Will look up some of your tips smile

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