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Go Ape Grisdale Forest

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CosyLulu Sat 11-Jun-16 14:18:22

We are thinking of taking dd and a friend on the zip wires at Grisdale Forest. They've been to Go Ape before and loved it but this is a new experience. As they're both under 16, they will have to be accompanied by an adult and I'm wondering if I'll cope with the heights of these zip wires. I also wondered how you reach them ... very long rope ladders?

Any advice would be great x

Newes Sat 11-Jun-16 18:40:13

The rope ladders are attached to trees and there are things to walk/crawl across between the zip wires. I'd say if you have a serious height phobia or problems with upper body strength then it's not advisable but you are well secured to life lines and the safety drill beforehand is very thorough.
They will also come and rescue you if you end up swinging between trees, I believe 😄

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