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Ideas for things to do in Stratford-upon-Avon in August?

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foggerty Sun 05-Jun-16 20:55:19

We are going to Stratford in August and would like some ideas of things to do and places to go! Have booked Warwick Castle, and we would like to go on a boat trip and some of the Shakespeare properties, which ones are the best foe children? I see there is a butterfly farm nearby, is that any good? We have NT membership so suggestions for that would be good too. Thanks.

Temporaryanonymity Sun 05-Jun-16 21:07:54

Mary Arden's House is great for children. We never went to the others. Lots of NT properties around; Coughton Court is excellent for families but is bit of a trek.

If you like farms then Hatton Country World is ok. You can mooch along the canal path (lots of locks) and look at the ducks.

foggerty Sun 05-Jun-16 21:14:22

Thanks for the recommendations, we're staying very near Mary Arden's House so will definately go there, now about to look up Coughton Court and Hatton Country World. Did you go to the butterfly place?

Temporaryanonymity Sun 05-Jun-16 23:03:27

We used to live in the area so have been everywhere. The butterfly place was ok I guess, but there's so much more in the area. If you get rained on then I highly recommend getting the train into Birmingbam and visiting the Thinktank Museum. It's marvellous. My boys love the Car Museum in Coventry too, which isn't far either. There's loads to do in the area, I hope you have a lovely time.

Pinkheart5915 Sun 05-Jun-16 23:06:16

I loved Anne Hathaway cottage and the Shakespeare house but our ds was only about 5 months when we went so unsure about older children.

The boat trip we went on was enjoyed by all.

We did go to the butterfly place but I wasn't overly impressed.

DoubleMum Tue 05-Jul-16 14:31:48

I live in Stratford upon Avon. The big Shakespeare properties are the Birthplace, Mary Arden's and Anne Hathaway's. The Birthplace isn't great for small children but pretty good for ages 8+, and the guides in all the Shakespeare houses are great if the rooms aren't too crowded and you can get them talking to the children, they know everything. Anne Hathaway's has lots of outside stuff too, and a wood they can run around. Mary Arden's has a playground and both will have extra stuff on in the school holidays.
I wouldn't bother with the butterfly farm tbh, but next to the river, past the butterfly farm is the car park entrance to the recreation ground which has a big adventure playground, loads of grass to run around on, crazy golf etc etc. There is a chain ferry across the river from near the crazy golf which brings you out near Holy Trinity Church (where Shakespeare is buried) and a lovely walk back along the river past the theatre. At the top you can go on a boat ride or on the other side (where you drove in to park at the Rec) you can hire boats.
If you go up Henley St (where the Birthplace is) you can go to the MAD museum which is quite fun for kids, and Magic Alley at the Creaky Cauldron (perhaps look that up because you might need to book tickets). Tonnes of places to eat everywhere, but Boston Tea Party is nice and kid-friendly. Charlecote Park is National Trust and nice in good weather if you want to tire some children out.
Happy to answer questions if you'd like to know anything else.

foggerty Wed 06-Jul-16 23:12:03

Thanks DoubleMum for all the info, that's really helpful, will have a look at the websites of the places you've mentioned.

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