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Inverness to Cornwall

(25 Posts)
Jetcatisback Fri 03-Jun-16 11:50:15

Over the summer holidays I am thinking of taking my 2 DDs (9 and 19) away for a couple of weeks, and trying to work out if I can afford it. I need to collect them from Inverness (I live North East England) so was thinking of making a proper journey of it and heading down to Cornwall. It's somewhere we have never been, and would love to go.

I am trying to decide the following:

- between driving or train (only me to do all the driving, though obviously it would be cheaper)
-to stay in premier inn type places which would allow for more flexibility, or to book somewhere for the week
- re above, whether to hire a tent (don't know anyone with one I could borrow and would have no clue how to assemble) and get them to set it up on a park (have found a company that does that and appears quite reasonable)

Finally, does anyone have any ideas on places to go that would suit both a 9 year old and 19 (19 has ASD so struggles with a lot of crowds)

Marmighty Fri 03-Jun-16 11:55:48

You can also fly, via Manchester, might be as cheap as train if you book in advance. But with driving you have the flexibility of a car to get around Cornwall

Jetcatisback Fri 03-Jun-16 12:12:32

Thanks Marmighty flying didn't actually cross my mind! Not so worried about having a car in Cornwall, we like trains etc and not really looking forward to the long drive home!

I was thinking of breaking the journey up heading South and stopping off at Barrow in the lakes, as we were there last year very briefly and it would be nice to have a better look around. Guess that would rule out flying though!

mummymeister Fri 03-Jun-16 13:25:23

we visit cornwall a lot and I would really really advise you to have a car. getting around on public transport is a logistical nightmare. it would also mean that you would have to stay in a town to get trains or buses and they will be very packed and busy in school summer holidays. you have left it quite late to book as cornwall in particular packs out really early. not sure of your budget but you would be looking at around £600pw for a 2 bed place. premier inns will work out more ime.

IrenetheQuaint Fri 03-Jun-16 18:54:14

I've just been to Cornwall and the buses were actually really good between the villages! Plus they operate on Sundays which they don't everywhere.

Wandastartup Fri 03-Jun-16 18:55:37

Fly Inverness bristol then hire a car?

AngieBolen Fri 03-Jun-16 19:22:01

The cheapest thing would be to drive then stay in a tent or caravan park but they do get booked up.

Don't worry about crowds in Cornwall - we've never had issues with crowds. Bright sun yes, funny feeling pavements in St Isaac, yes give me strength he was 15 and sobbing but oddly never crowds, although St Ives can be crowded on narrow streets, but I guess we didn't linger there. Carbis bay is accessible by train and you can go along the coast, but I think then you would have to consider it a train holiday as much as a beach holiday. A car us really useful in Cornwall if you don't want to limit yourself too much

NicknameUsed Sun 05-Jun-16 08:51:24

Don't do the drive on a Saturday. We are near Sheffield and it took 9.5 hours to drive to Padstow one Saturday in August, and 7.5 hours to drive home the following week.

Much as I love Cornwall, the drive down is a massive off putter for me. If money was no object I would fly to Newquay and hire a car.

AngieBolen Mon 06-Jun-16 17:48:36

If you do have to do it on a Saturday (we always have) go early and leave late.

7.5 hours from Sheffield sounds reasonable to me. I'm always shock when I hear northerners on the beach in Cornwall. But it also confirms to me how great the place is grin

MyLlamasGoneBananas Mon 06-Jun-16 17:58:11

We used to drive Elgin to Cornwall fairly regularly when the kids were small and we lived up there. Most trips we did it in one go over night sharing the driving although dh did 70% at least.

We've been back up a few times and mow break it into 2 or 3 stops usually travel lodge/premier inns.

I lI've most of the journey and the sightseeing but agree it's more fun on the way than on the way home.

NicknameUsed Mon 06-Jun-16 21:02:35

"I'm always shock when I hear northerners on the beach in Cornwall."

Why? I know loads of people who go to Cornwall every year. It is a lovely place, so is Devon.

Roystonv Mon 06-Jun-16 21:10:54

Sorry if any Barrovians reading this but if you mean Barrow in Furness do you really want to go back there?!

Jetcatisback Mon 06-Jun-16 21:14:00

Thanks all, looks like we're driving as a lovely friend is lending us her tent and camping gear to keep costs down. Stopping off for slight detours should break the journey up.

Thanks Angie for the heads up on potential sensory issues - cobbled streets going downhill is the main worry smile

Jetcatisback Mon 06-Jun-16 21:16:13

Royston - ha, yes I do and yes we really want to go back! Mainly for DD2 as our visit last time had to be cut short due to DD1 being hospitalisedagain so I promised I would take her back grin

AngieBolen Mon 06-Jun-16 21:16:31

Yes, loads of people do go to Cornwall, but it's a fair old way from the Newcastle to Penzance when you have small children and nearer coastal areas. But as you say it is lovely, and maybe other people have children who travel much better than mine.

Itsalwayssunny Mon 06-Jun-16 21:23:10

As someone who lives in Cornwall you definitely need a car as the buses/trains are not great! Especially if you want to get out and about within the county. If you aren't bothered by being restricted with public transport then you can fly from Edinburgh to Newquay. My geography on Scotland isn't great so apologies if Edinburgh is miles from Inverness smile

Roystonv Tue 07-Jun-16 08:01:56

Ok then each to their own! Let me know if you have any questions as I am nearby.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 07-Jun-16 08:15:36

Wow! That's a hell of a drive.

We live on the south coast and don't go to Cornwall while the dc are school age because of the traffic and crowds when we get there. I do love the place and we will return when the dc have left home.

The roads aren't good though, And they do get very busy.

In my experience it does get very busy in summer. The popular beaches fill up quickly and parking can be tricky. I prefer Northumberland I think, these days. Equally as beautiful beaches but mostly empty.

There are many places I'd visit before Cornwall if I was traveling from Inverness.

Jetcatisback Tue 07-Jun-16 11:17:44

Proving just how indecisive I am, I am tending to agree with you Doyouthinktheysaurus so am now looking at either Skye or West Coast, or possibly the borders. I think DD1 would struggle in really crowded places, and I guess I didn't really think it through blush

SoleBizzz Tue 07-Jun-16 11:22:23

Omg that is hundreds and hundreds of miles! I drove from Glasgow to Inverness and back to Edinburgh then back to Glasgow in one day and I was pooped. Even though I had driven from Birmingham to Glasgow the day before. It's still not as far as your journey I don't think. You need another driver.

Runningupthathill82 Tue 07-Jun-16 11:36:58

The beaches of NW Scotland and the Hebrides are far more beautiful than those in Cornwall, IMO - and much closer for you.
Plus fewer people, quieter roads and cheaper to eat/stay. Down side is it's generally not as warm, of course.

I think the beaches on Harris are the most gorgeous i've ever seen. And this is after several beach holidays in Cornwall too.

NotCitrus Tue 07-Jun-16 11:41:01

Another option: sleeper train from Inverness to London, day in London, sleeper to Penzance, possibly hire a car once there. Or just one sleeper. More tricky if 3 of you as might have to have extra person in your cabin.

Andbabymakesthree Tue 07-Jun-16 11:45:18

When are your summer holidays ? I know Scottish holidays are different.

Jetcatisback Tue 07-Jun-16 14:23:28

I looked at Sleeper, but too expensive sad

I'm going to look closer to the route home, though the midgies are a big concern as I usually get eaten alive.

I'll look at Harris though thanks smile

Jetcatisback Tue 07-Jun-16 14:24:15

Sorry baby am collecting them on the 31st July and have two weeks from then smile

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