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Anyone stayed in Polperro?

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alltoomuchrightnow Mon 30-May-16 20:51:36

I mean right in Polperro, literally in the harbour . Have wanted to for so many years.
Hope to book for October (just me and DP). Would be self catering. There is a cottage we really hope to get but hoping it won't be booked for then (cannot book for a couple of weeks as waiting for some money to come through)
Any tips, assume nearest supermarket will be nearest town, etc..
Places to visit.. and must haves for the village itself...

mummymeister Tue 31-May-16 10:03:11

I know polperro well because we stay near Looe regularly. There is very little parking in the centre itself and you will probably end up in the long stay at the top of the village. this can be expensive and a right pain to go back and forwards every day as it will be a good 10 min+ walk. If you aren't in the main tourist season then the bus to the car park probably wont be running so make sure you have a good mac with you all the time in case of rain! It is a pain carrying your shopping down. There is a small co op in Looe or you can do a bigger shop in Liskeard. we use the morrisons there and its about 20 mins away from polperro. it will be very quiet towards the end of the season and whilst most restaurants should be open be prepared that they might not be. keep an eye on opening times. We like walking on Seaton beach which is nearby plus the various national trust houses should still have some opening. I would have a look at the visit cornwall website and the visit south east cornwall one as well. pick things you like to do and then check that they will be open in October as some wont. the boat to Looe might be running and you could walk the coastal path from polperro into Looe (takes about 3 hours and is easy) and then get the boat or bus back.

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 01-Jun-16 18:50:37

thank you so much for that info, Mummymeister. I know the car park you mean! The automated voice on the machines is fantastic! But it is very expensive..and not close..(not with luggage) - place we are hoping to get will have parking (one space). In fact that will clinch it for us really.. a place with parking if possible

RomComPhooey Wed 01-Jun-16 19:00:26

Avoid October half term week if you can - prices spike that week.

The Golitha falls just north of Liskeard are very pretty (although not v dramatic) and the river is beautifully clear - you can see the fish!

MadisonAvenue Wed 01-Jun-16 19:05:59

Just a thought, and I know Polperro well so realise that the streets are narrow so this may not be possible but with regards to a supermarket shop, could you arrange a delivery for the evening you arrive? Save wasting time trawling around a supermarket when you could be enjoying the view!

mummymeister Wed 01-Jun-16 22:28:31

I don't think the supermarkets deliver into Polperro. they will do deliveries on the outskirts but not in the centre. pretty certain of that but you can put the address in to the websites and see.

is the parking space properly accessible OP? some "parking spaces" would take a smart car only they are so small. also you need to be confident yourself driving around as the streets are very tight - it could be wet and slippery and if you aren't used to it then might not be the best idea.

glad you liked the suggestions. trying to think of a few others.

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 02-Jun-16 20:24:30

it will be first week of October if we can .
We have a big car so perhaps that will be difficult! Would hopefully stock up on way re supermarket

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 02-Jun-16 20:24:56

definitely want to visit the falls! thanks

PolterGoose Thu 02-Jun-16 20:27:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 02-Jun-16 23:02:34

went to Lost Gardens in August, would love to go to Monkey Sanctuary and Eden Project but top of the list is hiking on Bodmin Moor, we already have the OS maps..and to see the Men a Tol stone (not sure if spelt right) etc

mummymeister Fri 03-Jun-16 13:30:09

go and see the cheesewring and hurlers at Minions. well worth the walk and a lovely bit of scenery. there is a local writer called Mark Camp who has written loads of walk books including circular ones. we always end up using them when we are away. they are easy to understand. there used to be something called the rail ale trail out of Looe but not sure if you can get hold of the maps anymore.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 03-Jun-16 19:28:23

Mummymeister, have considered those before.. are they hard to find? We don't mind a tough walk with an OS map though...

mummymeister Sat 04-Jun-16 10:03:55

If you drive to Minions there is a car park on the edge of the village where you park and walk. you can see the cheesewring from it. I love it as a walk particularly on a clear day because you can see all the way to the sea plus all of the mining heritage. I would definitely get the books or download info from the website. I think that Looe TIC might sell the books, they used to a couple of years ago because the author I believe worked for them. definitely worth coming with a plan. had you thought about doing a bit of cycling as well? you can hire bikes now at Lanhydrock and go on their cycling trails (or sit in the café eating cake like I did) also the camel trail can be picked up in bodmin and you can go to padstow along it for lunch. Its our favourite part of cornwall because there is loads to do outdoors and it never gets that busy either.

BagpussOhSagpuss Sat 04-Jun-16 10:18:22

I used to live there, moved away years ago but still miss it.
If you are right on the harbour, you will not get your car near. You may be allocated a parking space but it's likely to be nearer the centre of the village so factor that in, also, bear in mind the streets are very very narrow.
Regarding shopping, there is a little supermarket in Looe, but it's easier to do as pp suggested and go to Liskeard for a big shop. If you can take one of those folding trolley things that will help with the transporting.
Some great suggestions up thread about where to go, what to do etc.
If you are taking children, be aware there is not a lot to do in the village itself, especially in Autumn. There is a little beach, but I can tell you from bitter experience that October is likely to be wet, damp and cold.
Also, remember it's a working harbour, therefore really noisy when the boats are going in or out, and depending on the tides, that could be very early morning.
It's a great place, I loved it. It has some fantastic pubs, and sitting in the Blue Peter on a cold wet evening, by the roaring fire and watching the sea crash on the harbour wall really is one of life's pleasures.

BagpussOhSagpuss Sat 04-Jun-16 10:19:27

Sorry, just seen, no kids, so no problems there.

PolterGoose Sat 04-Jun-16 10:29:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 04-Jun-16 12:25:21

the working harbour is what I'm looking forward to! and sitting in the Blue Peter smile
Seriously envious that you lived there! It looks like a model village… probably the prettiest place I've ever been to
Fingers crossed can book next week..

BagpussOhSagpuss Sat 04-Jun-16 13:27:06

Oh, I hope you get what you want. Autumn is the best time to be is normally cold and wet but it's a little quieter. It is gorgeously pretty n summer but you can't move for visitors.
Have a fantastic holiday, and do try the Eden is amazing !

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 04-Jun-16 16:53:43

I really did want to go in summer but neither DP or I can get any time off work. There is only one week this year where he has no work (even if it's just a day here and there) , and that's first week of October . So it might still be sunny and warm, October often is.
At least we won't get the crowds..nor the cost..

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